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great minds think alike

Had ten jiaozi for lunch at Tiong Bahru Market this afternoon. Bought them from a stall selling northern Chinese cuisine.

When I got home after work a few hours ago, I immediately asked my mum what she cooked. ‘In the oven,’ she replied.

So I went to the oven, opened the door, and lo and behold! Couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise when I saw what was inside……

It was a plate of mum’s jiaozi!!!

all in a day’s work

Accompanied my editor Dr THC to interview the current Minister for Health this morning, at the ministry just up the road from our office. Colleague J tagged along as the photographer. The three of us and a corp comms officer all stood around in the meeting room awaiting his arrival. No idea why we didn’t sit……

Anyhow, the minister was friendly, and the hour-long interview went well, but nothing really groundbreaking was said. :P

fifty shades of grey

Left my house wearing a surgical mask this morning. Everything was tinged a dull reddish grey, and there was an acrid smell in the air. It even seemed a little grey inside my office, which is air-conditioned. Everyone got a box of N95 masks from 3M, which had expired but were still usable. Spent the rest of the day wearing one, mainly for practice.

At 11 am, the PSI reading was a whopping 400!!!

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the solitary diner

Swung by the office this morning to clear some work. To my surprise, colleague R popped in as well. Left after four hours in the office, and bussed down to Takashimaya to buy something. Was super hungry as it was almost 4 pm and breakfast had been a long time ago. Decided to dine at Tampopo as there was no queue. (Yes there were queues elsewhere!)

Ordered tonkatsu ramen ($16.80). The ramen soup was supposed to have chilli but I requested for none, as I prefer ‘plain’ ramen soups.


The tonkatsu was good! The noodles, which came with bamboo shoots and spring onions, were firm and had bite. And the soup, which came piping hot (good!), was a little bland when I first tried it. Later on, it tasted much better. Overall, I found this bowl of ramen reasonably enjoyable, although I think Santouka’s is better.

Hunger now assuaged, I went forth in search of the item I had gone there to buy……

391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
+65 6338 3186

letting it go

By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond the winning.

Laozi, Dao De Jing



My colleague J sent this image to me today……



Have worked for the past 11 consecutive days (including the weekend), with overtime every day! Am exhausted right now, but it all paid off as our May issue has finally gone to print!

Going to spend the next few days sleeping……


……and jubilation in the time of parturition!


Love in the time of cholera, panic in the time of SARS, apprehension in the time of H7N9……

leaving on a jet plane

When I was younger I loved getting window seats in airplanes so that I could look out whenever I wanted and enjoy the scenery. Now that I am older, I prefer aisle seats so that I can get in and get out easily. :)

However one thing hasn’t changed – my love for airplane food. As long as it is not too inedible, I’ll finish everything! ;)

Oh and I’m leaving for Vietnam tomorrow morning for work. Will be back on Sunday evening! :D

a somewhat atas lunch

Lunch, with colleague GE, at Drips Cafe once again!

I had a Virginia ham (ham made in Virginia?) sandwich which was healthy tasting and delicious, just like Drips’ other sandwiches.


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you learn something new every day

Recently edited an article about Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders. Was reading up about them on Wikipedia when I realized that their ‘Without Borders’ tag has actually spawned a whole non-governmental organization (NGO) naming convention. Look at the sheer number of NGOs Without Borders. Though, to be honest, I’ve only ever heard of MSF! :P

forever 21

I had just left the office for lunch today when I bumped into our new temporary receptionist, HZ, who just graduated from Victoria Junior College last year and is waiting to enter national service.

He suddenly asked me, ‘How old are you?’

I replied, ‘You guess!’


‘I’m 26!’ (Well, almost, anyway.)


‘Do I really look 19?’

‘Yes you look like you just graduated from JC!’

Hahahahahaha YAY!!! :D

roasted meat

Our new membership manager R joined us exactly a week ago and I expect he’ll be very busy very soon! :P

Anyway today our big boss M drove R, MS, DT and me out to lunch at this coffeeshop, which is somewhat near our office but difficult to walk to, located next to Orange Valley Nursing Home. M said that there is a stall in the coffeeshop which sells really nice roasted meats.

So I bought some char siew from the stall, called Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck. This portion cost $6, slightly more expensive than an equivalently-sized portion from Tiong Bahru Market.


I had asked for the fattier parts. The meat, marbled with lovely fat, was delicious. The burnt bits added extra crunch and flavour. Quite good! Their soup is pretty interesting too. I found bits of duck and dried orange peel in it.

Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck
Blk 148
Silat Avenue
Singapore 160148
+65 9697 7083

probably a rhetorical question

Does anyone not suffer from Monday blues?

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