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forever 21

I had just left the office for lunch today when I bumped into our new temporary receptionist, HZ, who just graduated from Victoria Junior College last year and is waiting to enter national service.

He suddenly asked me, ‘How old are you?’

I replied, ‘You guess!’


‘I’m 26!’ (Well, almost, anyway.)


‘Do I really look 19?’

‘Yes you look like you just graduated from JC!’

Hahahahahaha YAY!!! :D

just like heaven

Snippet of a Whatsapp conversation with Daphne last night/this morning……

Me: [on Catholic Mass, which I attended one Christmas] Their choir singing sounds like those angels in heaven after u died

Daphne: How u know
We all no die before mah

Me: Oh the movie[s] said so

taking a step back

Spotted on Whatsapp this afternoon……

Sze Yong: 退一步,海阔天空

Daphne: 退一步,掉进垄沟

Sze Yong: Your one much better; you win *horrified scream emoji*


hokkien clams

A snippet of a conversation with Daphne on Whatsapp this morning……

Daphne: Me and some p2 [Primary 2] parents chitchating abt schools and clans.. I typo and ask how to join hokkien clams

Me: *thumbs up emoji* good one

Daphne: Lol

Me: I join cantonese oysters

And there are also the Teochew mussels and Hainanese scallops too, I suppose……

emeritus pope

So the Pope is resigning due to age and declining health – news that has greatly astounded the world. Whoever knew that a pope could resign?! And indeed, Benedict XVI is the first pope to resign in 600 years (since Gregory XII in 1415).

The Vatican has just announced that Benedict XVI will be known as ‘emeritus pope’ in his retirement and will continue to wear a white cassock. Which amused me greatly, as it was strangely reminiscent of  an official called the Emeritus Senior Minister in another tiny country half the globe away.

As Dr NFA aptly put in a Facebook update on her wall today: ‘So the world will soon have an Emeritus Pope. Who will wear white. Clearly, the Vatican City has studied best practices at another small city-state.’


boy boy

Ordered lunch from Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice near Tiong Bahru Market. Pork chops with curry gravy, luncheon meat with potatoes and curry vegetables.

After I had paid, the boss uncle said, ‘你没有带你的 boy boy 来吃?’

I gave him a sad face and replied, ‘我 single!’

And the uncle responded, ‘No need husband, boyfriend also can!’


you want sexy?

Ordered lunch from Thai Lion Kitchen in Tiong Bahru Market today. Chicken basil rice with two fried eggs – without the rice. The stall auntie, who is Thai, looked very amused, and said, ‘You no eat rice? You want sexy?’

HAHAHAHAHAHA how cute is that!!! :D

forever 21

Lunched at Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice for the third day in a row today! Had pork chops with curry, leeks with tofu and a fried egg…… yum!

A short conversation I had with the uncle while I was ordering my food……

Uncle: 小妹,你几岁?

Me: 你说呢?

Uncle: 有没有二十多?

Me: 有!

Uncle: 二十三?

Me: 今年二十六!有人讲我像初级学院!

Uncle: 对,你像初级学院像初级学院!

Me: 那你为什么不讲我像?

Uncle: 因为问你是不是二十多,你讲‘是’……

LOL!!! :P

sometimes i really don’t know what to say

When I entered the lift this morning, an upstairs neighbour – an older lady – was inside.

So I smiled at her and she smiled back.

After a pause, she said, ‘You look like your mother.’

There was another pause, and I replied, ‘Oh okay thank you.’

Sometimes I really don’t know what to say……

forever 21

Was ordering lunch from Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice this afternoon, and the boss uncle suddenly turned to me and said, ‘小妹,你在读书还是做工?’



‘只是看起来!’ I was rather amused.

It’s rather curious really. Throughout primary and secondary school, people used to tell me that I looked mature. But after I left junior college and went on to university,  people kept telling me I looked young. Now that I’ve joined the working world, I still get that from time to time.

What’s my secret to staying young? I wish I knew! :P

olympus pen

Snippet of an MSN conversation with colleague Daphne this afternoon……

Daphne Lee says:
aiyah i wanna a olympus pen but my hubby dun like olynpus

denise y says:
olympus got sell pen one de meh

Daphne Lee says:
olympus pen is a MODEL name!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not a pen!!

a rose by any other name

Our president A/Prof CJJ’s Chinese name is 秦经智, which I had been wondering about for quite some time.

Today he popped by our office, and I heard him talking to my neighbouring colleague MS in Chinese. When he finished speaking, I asked, ‘Prof C***, your name is from “经一事,长一‘枝’ (智)”?’

He looked super amused. Putting both hands at his head to signify branches, he replied, ‘You think 树枝 ah?’

Suddenly, from nowhere, MS said, ‘睡觉!’

A/Prof CJJ and I looked at her in amazement. He began to laugh and said, ‘I think we have generation gap……’

Then MS clarified that she had said ‘所以叫什么?’ But somehow, we had all misheard as ‘睡觉!’

Anyway in the end, A/Prof CJJ confirmed that his name was indeed from the Chinese idiom ‘经一事,长一智’.

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a colourful lunch

Lunch today: nasi lemak with fried fish, fried anchovies, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes and pineapples (which were really juicy and sweet!), and a large dollop of chilli, all courtesy of my mum. A really colourful lunch indeed!

After I had helped myself to the food and taken a few small bites, my mum came into the kitchen……

Mum: 好吃吗?

Me: Not bad lar!

Mum: What not bad! Very nice!

After finishing my food, I still think it wasn’t too bad. :P A nice combination of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury……


A few hours ago, my brother suddenly said to me, ‘I didn’t know you have a food blog!’

(Have been posting links to some of my entries on food on my Facebook wall recently, and I guess he saw them.)

And I replied, ‘No, I don’t! Just that I have been eating out so much!’

So much so that it’s almost all I blog about nowadays! :P

sweet teeth

After dinner, Serena and I decided to go have dessert, but everywhere was sadly either closing or full, so we ended up having drinks at Starbucks!

We took turns to buy our drinks, and Serena went first. After that, while I was queueing, my secondary school friend Xinling and a junior college friend of hers joined the queue. It was nice to meet her, as I hadn’t seen her in ages!

After I had ordered and paid, the cashier pulled out this really long receipt from the register. Showing it to me, she asked, ‘Have you seen this receipt before?’ Huh? I thought. Of course not! Naturally I replied, ‘Erm, no?’

And it turned out that the receipt was actually a voucher for a complimentary tall beverage!!! The cashier told me it was randomly generated! I must’ve been pretty lucky then. Perhaps it was good karma for informing the Ma Maison staff that they had forgot to charge my share! :D

Serena’s cappucino (left) and my white chocolate frappuccino!

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