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must be a woman

I hereby announce that, as of this afternoon, I have finally obtained my driving licence!!! YAYYY!!! :D

Anyway when everyone was sitting in the waiting room (before being brought to the slaughterhouse yes), I scanned the floor and realized everyone (or almost everyone) was wearing sneakers or sports shoes! I seemed to be the only one wearing slippers. :P

I didn’t forget to push the brake down on the slope, both my directional change and directional change with going up the kerb were perfect, vertical parking I thought my aim was a bit off but luckily it wasn’t, S course also perfect (thought I was gonna mount the kerb at some point), crank course went excellently (unlike usually) and parallel parking was perfect as well!

However, did not see a motorbike coming from my left while I was trying to turn out of the course. When I was out of the circuit and doing my test route outside, I once again did not see a vehicle coming from my left when I was going to turn right. I swear vehicles always seem to appear on one side when you’re looking the other way!!! :P

ANYWAY the tester said I ‘made many mistakes’ but whatever, in the end I passed!!! :D

After that those people who passed were forced to go to this video room to watch this short video which advised us to drive carefully. Saw some people from my slot there. The host was Ix Shen and they showed shots of accident victims – bruised, bloody and flesh split open, eeks. :S

SO YES I have finally joined the ranks of female drivers – to be cursed at by male drivers!!! :D


just do it

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

often attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but maybe not


Was prepared to spend my birthday traipsing through bead shops alone when ma cherie smsed me to say that she had the all clear to go gallivanting around town. So YAY!

So we went to VivoCity to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was opening day so tickets were $8.50 (!!!). It was a tiny theatre with only 9 rows, and we were seated in the fourth row from the front.

Anyway, the movie. The CGI was spectacular, especially the opening sequence where the Dementors caused the Millennium Bridge collapse. It was quite funny too, yes it did feel like a romantic comedy most of the time. Loved the hospital scene where Ron was unconscious and muttered Hermione’s name, to Lavender’s utter chagrin. And the three old fogeys Slughorn, Snape and Dumbledore were standing there in amazement, and Dumbledore went, ‘Oh, to be young and to feel love’s keen sting!’

Hermione kept throwing ridiculous tantrums for ridiculous reasons; one felt like shaking some sense into her sometimes.  AND they minused MANY important scenes!!! Especially the last one where there was supposed to be an epic battle between the Death Eaters and the Hogwarts students. But there WASN’T!!! We just see Bellatrix Lestrange destroying furniture in the Great Hall and then all the Death Eaters just leave like that! BOO.

After that we went to Sakae to eat cheap Japanese buffet!!! We ate about 18 plates in total. The other time when I went alone, I ate about 14 plates! Ma cherie claims it was because I was depressed then. NOT TRUE OKAY. :P

After that we didn’t go shopping but hid in Page One looking at pictorial books instead.

When we were walking down to the MRT, we passed by a bridal exhibition. I saw the prettiest dress in the world: a short dress which consisting of a pleated black bustier top and sparkly puffy white tulle skirt. It looked totally me!!! Anyway one of the salon assistants said it’s an ROM dress (but would be more suitable for younger brides, I would think), and since it’s new, it’d cost $400 to rent and $700 to buy! But it’s a really pretty dress anyway! :D

Quite a good way to spend one’s birthday, really.


~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
if i were a goddess i’d make my devotees offer me cake everyday

[lifE+drEAms] [chicago] says:
okie i’ll remember that

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
haha WHY

[lifE+drEAms] [chicago] says:
so that i’ll offer you cake when you become a goddess lor

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:

u want to worship me meh

[lifE+drEAms] [chicago] says:
i can…

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
this is damn odd
u also go and be goddess lor

[lifE+drEAms] [chicago] says:
this conversation is turning out to be rather strange
i shld go to star bucks to get a coffee
there are free pastries to be given out at starbucks today

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
anyway be goddess of course u have to exploit ur devotees HAHAHA

sale away

Went to The Link’s annual bazaar sale in Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel on 10 July. Passed the infamous Orchard Towers on my way there and tried to peek into the building. It seems to comprise of two towers.

There were some Reem Acra and Vera Wang  gowns at a corner of the room. I  touched a VW gown for the first time ever! It was like a ballerina’s costume but MUCH heavier! All that tulle!!! Must’ve weighed a ton (or two)!!!

The nicest things I saw were this fuschia pink pleated skirt (forgot the label), this extremely heavy snake motif gold and enamel cuff by Roberto Cavalli, and yellow and pink satin minaudieres studded with glittering rhinestones (forgot the label as well).

After that I walked back to the MRT station. Passed by this TCC in International Plaza, it was done up like a courtyard, with wrought iron fencing painted white and all that! Very pretty!

Then I went to Dior to look at their costume jewellery. Pretty, but a really meagre selection. One of the sales assistants came over to attend to me! :D

dimsum dinner

My 22nd birthday came in bits and pieces.

Went to celebrate JY and my birthdays (belated for her and early for me) with Jaspar and Ming Zhen.

I’d suggested Victor’s Kitchen (91 Bencoolen Street #01-21 Sunshine Plaza), but had assumed it was opposite Intercontinental Hotel, but… it wasn’t! 不过,经过一番折腾之后,我们终于抵达了 Victor 的厨房!

The place was crowded with tables, and crowded. Exactly like a bustling Hong Kong 茶餐厅.

We had to wait and wait and wait for the food. When one dish came, the next took eons to arrive.


We had custard buns (which contained salted egg yolk), spinach dumplings, char siew baos, spare ribs, carrot cake (which we gobbled up before I could snap a pic), chee cheong fun stuff with youtiao, chicken feet (which Jaewai and I refused to touch :P), and the dimsum staples har gao and siew mai!!! And I had milk tea which came in an ice bath! :D

Delicious, but portions were a little on the tiny side.

One of the wait staff brought a bowl of porridge to our table. We said we didn’t order any, and told them to take it back. After a while, they brought it back again and insisted we had ordered it. In the end, the boss himself came to our table to clarified matters. In case they accused of eating up anything that wasn’t ours, Jaewai declared, very matter-of-factly:


It turned out that one of the staff had mixed up our order slip with another table’s. In fact, the spinach dumplings we had were actually theirs! :P

The hilarious thing was, even after we had settled the misunderstanding, yet another wait staff came to our table and informed us that they had run out of porridge… O.o SIGH.

After dinner, we left the building, only to be confronted with a gigantic downpour. That put paid to our plan to walk to the National Museum to attend the Night Festival. So we sat there watching the rain and talking rubbish.

After the rain, everyone else went for dessert whereas I went home because I’d been out all day. :P


And today I begin my 23rd orbit around the sun.


bejewelled edibles

Met Ahgong for tea on Jul 3.

We initially arranged to meet at Royal Copenhagen in Taka (his suggestion not mine, so don’t accuse me of being a taitai! >.<)  but due to time and financial constraints, we decided to settle for Food Republic in Wisma instead. :D

(If you’re ever at Food Republic, do try the chicken wings – we didn’t, but noticed plenty of people chowing down.)

Chocolate mud cupcakes for Ahgong! (Recipe here.)


Ahgong: 好吃到可以卖!

He suggested that I sell them in school next Valentine’s Day.  So troublesome lor! :P :P :P

a quick update

I stopped blogging at my old Blogger blog and wanted to do so permanently… didn’t have much to share… but eventually the allure of this egoistic activity was too strong to resist and so here I am again (but with a slight change of scenery). WordPress is a little confusing but I’m trying to get the hang of it. :P

Anyway I realize I haven’t seen some of my friends for eons, so here’s quick update to let you know what I’ve been doing since the start of summer hols…!

So anyway once the exams were up, I had a very short break before plunging into Special Sem 1. I took GEK 1010 Property Management. The lecturer was nice; she always printed the notes for us! And tutorials were pretty slack. We went on fieldtrips to National Library and Jurong Island. The  former was interesting, but latter one was especially fun because regular people don’t get to visit Jurong Island all the time.  It was like going to Malaysia!  We had to stop at a ‘toll station’ and undergo security screening by ‘customs’. But at an hour each, the fieldtrips were way too short! :P

Another great thing was that I got quite a good project group to work with. But they kept calling me taitai after I wore a black shawl on the Jurong Island trip! :P

But one thing I learnt from this module is that I don’t want to be a property manager! You have to be nice to everyone and know everything. Like a latter day Wang Xifeng.

Well I had so much fun in Special Sem 1 (yar you won’t believe it) that I also registered for Special Sem 2!  So I’m currently doing GEK 1520 Understanding the Universe and LSM 1301 General Biology.

And I had our first Universe test on Monday. 40 MCQs, 5 options each, and negative marking. Well the questions were treacherous enough, and with the additional trap of negative marking, the Charge of the Light Brigade comes to mind. But no point crying over spilt milk, so.

And I had my last lab practical for Biology earlier today.  We looked at various plant cells under the microscope. The best things about lab pracs in uni is that you don’t have to share microscopes ever – everyone gets one – and there are funny TAs roaming around to help. :)

Meanwhile I also started a course, Italian Method of Dressmaking, at a CC not-so-near my house.  It’s actually about pattern-making, and what patterns, you ask? Patterns for clothes, of course. It’s kinda like geometrical transformations (sec school E Maths! the horrors!) and harder than it sounds.

The teacher is a nice old grandma who married a rich man (he died some years back), or rather, a rich man’s son, and proceeded to have many adventures around the world. But she said her married life wasn’t all that happy, but I think many women would kill to be in her position. Grass greener on the other side, anyone?

Also I think I’m the youngest in class, and almost everyone else is an aunty.  Haha.

I’m also participating in a fashion show by NUSSU, which is going to be held in mid-August. Seriously, I had no experience in fashion designing whatsoever and just drew (and painted) four designs which I could possibly produce if selected. BUT I got selected!!! Whee.

Anyway, at our first meetup, there was a fashion mentor on hand to answer queries. Seriously, the term mentor is bandied around a little too liberally. Not least because the so-called mentor has questionable taste and is,  I later found out, a year younger than me. (After much deliberation, I decided to ignore her advice and do my own thing.)

Anyway, after my consultation with her, the organizers spoke to me. I asked them why they selected my designs and one girl recalled that mine was ‘the cute girl one’ and the designs were of a ‘very different style’. I’d sneaked some peeks at the bundle of submitted designs and saw that some of the designers drew very well, especially a couple of anime-inspired styles. I mentioned this to them, and the girl said, ‘Well they might just be good at drawing; they might not be able to sew it.’ Which astounded me somewhat, because I only drew simple stuff, as I said, designs which I could possibly produce if selected. What’s the point of drawing really fancy stuff and then not being able to sew them??? :/

So now I’m in the midst of all these activities and some more, and I need to work harder to get them all done so yes, jiayou to me. :D

on love and marriage

Marriage is the antithesis of Love. If you loved me, you’ld stay forever. I won’t need a contract to tie you down.

8:07 AM Jul 7th from web (

I completely agree.

inaugural entry

A new blog, a new beginning…

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