a quick update

I stopped blogging at my old Blogger blog and wanted to do so permanently… didn’t have much to share… but eventually the allure of this egoistic activity was too strong to resist and so here I am again (but with a slight change of scenery). WordPress is a little confusing but I’m trying to get the hang of it. :P

Anyway I realize I haven’t seen some of my friends for eons, so here’s quick update to let you know what I’ve been doing since the start of summer hols…!

So anyway once the exams were up, I had a very short break before plunging into Special Sem 1. I took GEK 1010 Property Management. The lecturer was nice; she always printed the notes for us! And tutorials were pretty slack. We went on fieldtrips to National Library and Jurong Island. The  former was interesting, but latter one was especially fun because regular people don’t get to visit Jurong Island all the time.  It was like going to Malaysia!  We had to stop at a ‘toll station’ and undergo security screening by ‘customs’. But at an hour each, the fieldtrips were way too short! :P

Another great thing was that I got quite a good project group to work with. But they kept calling me taitai after I wore a black shawl on the Jurong Island trip! :P

But one thing I learnt from this module is that I don’t want to be a property manager! You have to be nice to everyone and know everything. Like a latter day Wang Xifeng.

Well I had so much fun in Special Sem 1 (yar you won’t believe it) that I also registered for Special Sem 2!  So I’m currently doing GEK 1520 Understanding the Universe and LSM 1301 General Biology.

And I had our first Universe test on Monday. 40 MCQs, 5 options each, and negative marking. Well the questions were treacherous enough, and with the additional trap of negative marking, the Charge of the Light Brigade comes to mind. But no point crying over spilt milk, so.

And I had my last lab practical for Biology earlier today.  We looked at various plant cells under the microscope. The best things about lab pracs in uni is that you don’t have to share microscopes ever – everyone gets one – and there are funny TAs roaming around to help. :)

Meanwhile I also started a course, Italian Method of Dressmaking, at a CC not-so-near my house.  It’s actually about pattern-making, and what patterns, you ask? Patterns for clothes, of course. It’s kinda like geometrical transformations (sec school E Maths! the horrors!) and harder than it sounds.

The teacher is a nice old grandma who married a rich man (he died some years back), or rather, a rich man’s son, and proceeded to have many adventures around the world. But she said her married life wasn’t all that happy, but I think many women would kill to be in her position. Grass greener on the other side, anyone?

Also I think I’m the youngest in class, and almost everyone else is an aunty.  Haha.

I’m also participating in a fashion show by NUSSU, which is going to be held in mid-August. Seriously, I had no experience in fashion designing whatsoever and just drew (and painted) four designs which I could possibly produce if selected. BUT I got selected!!! Whee.

Anyway, at our first meetup, there was a fashion mentor on hand to answer queries. Seriously, the term mentor is bandied around a little too liberally. Not least because the so-called mentor has questionable taste and is,  I later found out, a year younger than me. (After much deliberation, I decided to ignore her advice and do my own thing.)

Anyway, after my consultation with her, the organizers spoke to me. I asked them why they selected my designs and one girl recalled that mine was ‘the cute girl one’ and the designs were of a ‘very different style’. I’d sneaked some peeks at the bundle of submitted designs and saw that some of the designers drew very well, especially a couple of anime-inspired styles. I mentioned this to them, and the girl said, ‘Well they might just be good at drawing; they might not be able to sew it.’ Which astounded me somewhat, because I only drew simple stuff, as I said, designs which I could possibly produce if selected. What’s the point of drawing really fancy stuff and then not being able to sew them??? :/

So now I’m in the midst of all these activities and some more, and I need to work harder to get them all done so yes, jiayou to me. :D


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