dimsum dinner

My 22nd birthday came in bits and pieces.

Went to celebrate JY and my birthdays (belated for her and early for me) with Jaspar and Ming Zhen.

I’d suggested Victor’s Kitchen (91 Bencoolen Street #01-21 Sunshine Plaza), but had assumed it was opposite Intercontinental Hotel, but… it wasn’t! 不过,经过一番折腾之后,我们终于抵达了 Victor 的厨房!

The place was crowded with tables, and crowded. Exactly like a bustling Hong Kong 茶餐厅.

We had to wait and wait and wait for the food. When one dish came, the next took eons to arrive.


We had custard buns (which contained salted egg yolk), spinach dumplings, char siew baos, spare ribs, carrot cake (which we gobbled up before I could snap a pic), chee cheong fun stuff with youtiao, chicken feet (which Jaewai and I refused to touch :P), and the dimsum staples har gao and siew mai!!! And I had milk tea which came in an ice bath! :D

Delicious, but portions were a little on the tiny side.

One of the wait staff brought a bowl of porridge to our table. We said we didn’t order any, and told them to take it back. After a while, they brought it back again and insisted we had ordered it. In the end, the boss himself came to our table to clarified matters. In case they accused of eating up anything that wasn’t ours, Jaewai declared, very matter-of-factly:


It turned out that one of the staff had mixed up our order slip with another table’s. In fact, the spinach dumplings we had were actually theirs! :P

The hilarious thing was, even after we had settled the misunderstanding, yet another wait staff came to our table and informed us that they had run out of porridge… O.o SIGH.

After dinner, we left the building, only to be confronted with a gigantic downpour. That put paid to our plan to walk to the National Museum to attend the Night Festival. So we sat there watching the rain and talking rubbish.

After the rain, everyone else went for dessert whereas I went home because I’d been out all day. :P


3 Responses to “dimsum dinner”

  1. 1 jylin Tuesday, 21 July, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    looks like you figured out how to make the collage.

    i dun thk i will go there for dimsum again. yan palace is still the best!

  1. 1 frenzied friday | q u i r k y h i l l Trackback on Wednesday, 17 July, 2013 at 12:59 am

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