must be a woman

I hereby announce that, as of this afternoon, I have finally obtained my driving licence!!! YAYYY!!! :D

Anyway when everyone was sitting in the waiting room (before being brought to the slaughterhouse yes), I scanned the floor and realized everyone (or almost everyone) was wearing sneakers or sports shoes! I seemed to be the only one wearing slippers. :P

I didn’t forget to push the brake down on the slope, both my directional change and directional change with going up the kerb were perfect, vertical parking I thought my aim was a bit off but luckily it wasn’t, S course also perfect (thought I was gonna mount the kerb at some point), crank course went excellently (unlike usually) and parallel parking was perfect as well!

However, did not see a motorbike coming from my left while I was trying to turn out of the course. When I was out of the circuit and doing my test route outside, I once again did not see a vehicle coming from my left when I was going to turn right. I swear vehicles always seem to appear on one side when you’re looking the other way!!! :P

ANYWAY the tester said I ‘made many mistakes’ but whatever, in the end I passed!!! :D

After that those people who passed were forced to go to this video room to watch this short video which advised us to drive carefully. Saw some people from my slot there. The host was Ix Shen and they showed shots of accident victims – bruised, bloody and flesh split open, eeks. :S

SO YES I have finally joined the ranks of female drivers – to be cursed at by male drivers!!! :D


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