lawless newton

The day after my birthday, Ahgong, KH and ZQ took me out for dinner.

Prior to that, Ahgong asked me where I wanted to eat, I said someplace cheap, and decided on Newton Food Centre.

So I reached Newton at slightly past the arranged time, and was inwardly congratulating myself for my absolute punctuality. Then I found out everyone was there already. :P

And hence we ventured into the lawless place that is Newton Food Centre. Almost immediately, we were beset by people showing us to empty tables, offering us menus and offering to take our orders. Was a bit taken aback since I’ve never been there before.  Totally unlike the East Coast Food Centre.

So anyway we sat down. This (Malay? Indian?) guy from a drinks stall plonked his menu down on our table. That menu surely deserved an anthropological study of its own; it boasted an amazing array of colourful drinks. So we ordered drinks first.

Some aunty with a beehive hairstyle a la Marge Simpson had placed her menu at our table, and she looked kinda annoyed when we asked her to take it back cos we didn’t really wanted to order yet. :P

I suddenly announced, to everyone’s amazement, that we should order from the stall that ripped off the tourists in that infamous tiger prawns case. But we didn’t know which stall it was, so.

We ordered from a friendlier auntie instead. I insisted on having sotong youtiao and didn’t really care about other dishes. So we ordered sotong youtiao and sambal stingray and some green veg. The sotong youtiao was delicious – piping hot fried stuff’s usually delicious – and so was the stingray, which tasted somewhat refined as compared to the famous Old Airport Road Food Centre version. But the veggies tasted somewhat blah – we should stick to seafood dishes next time! :)

While we were eating the Marge Simpson auntie walked past us.

KH: 刚才那个auntie走过的时候,还瞪我们一眼!
Me: You dunno meh, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

After that we MRTed down to Orchard and ended up in Taka cos I wanted gelato. Shared two scoops with ZQ; we had coffee and passionfruit – one rich and one really sour. Haha!

The boys wanted to check out the toys department – now what is it with boys and their toys? :P So we went to see the toys. And ended up photowhoring there. Second time doing that; the first was Toys ‘R’ Us VivoCity in 2007.

And oh KH very nearly gave me a litte DIY Gundam figurine, but luckily he didn’t, or else I’d probably name it Sweetheart. Haha. :D


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