over food

So I had my last dressmaking lesson yesterday. Nobody was in the mood to do anything. Only A and I were hard at work completing our skirts. :P

The sky looked threatening at around 4 pm, so we all ended our lesson early and piled into of the aunties’ SUV, which was a striking deep metallic cerulean, and went to our instructor’s house.

We put all the food on the long table and went around the house, opening doors to check out the rooms.

After that, the best part of any gathering: FOOD!

Our instructor used studied dressmaking in Italy a long, long time ago. She made angel hair pasta with chicken bolognese……


and also a salad (which we ate with Italian dressing).

A brought stewed chicken wings from Crystal Jade (very nice!) and another aunty made konnyaku jelly:


In the foreground are Japanese cheesecake cupcakes I made. They were sadly sunken (I think it was because I opened the oven not very long after I’d put them in). But they still tasted delicious. :)

Another aunty had gotten her aunt, who’s of Peranakan descent, to make the Nonya kuehs in the background. (This aunty came to the lesson just to pass us the kuehs, even though she had something on and couldn’t make it for the party! So nice!) The kuehs were VERYVERYVERY NICE! I had never tasted anything remotely like that before. :)

After that we sat around a bit before having a second round of food: durian! :P

Anyway all the aunties left the gathering close to 9 pm, whereas I stayed until almost 11 to finish my long black crepe skirt. :)

Can’t believe 12 weeks and 12 lessons have just passed like that. Time flies. Really.


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