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reflections on the past week

No wonder some people become theatre studies professors, since they seem to thrive on drama.


Snippet of an sms convo between ma cherie and me:

Me: I meet such creeps every five years or so. Bah.
Ma cherie: Hahahaha. Lol. I didn’t realize there was a temporal interval involved! Anyway u shld beware of e next creep tt comes along-dun give it money n dun marry it :)
Me: Of course there’s an interval. Even halley’s comet passes earth every 75 years. And to the second: wise words indeed. :)


blue off-shouldered blouse

Quite sometime ago I passed a Liz Claiborne store (can’t remember which) and was taken with this blue off-shoulder blouse displayed on a mannequin, and was paired with a short yellow skirt or something. I remember thinking wah what a nice combi, and then, unfortunately, having to move on.

Then about a month ago, while doing work (don’t we all?), I suddenly decided to check the Liz Claiborne site, perhaps there was a sale?

And there was!!!

And there was the top I loved!!!

liz claiborne Smocked Tunic with Belt marina 2

(Liz Claiborne in Singapore seems to be targeted at older ladies, but the stuff on its website seem pretty youngish!)

After waiting one week for a spree to open someplace, I asked Hui Lin to order it for me, which she did – almost immediately! Talk about efficiency!!! :D

And the best thing? When I said I’d Paypal her the money, she said no need cos she owed me far too many birthday presents!!! HAHAHA I should’ve asked her to get me more expensive stuff lor!!! :P

After a fortnight, she left a message on my Facebook wall:

by the way, your dress arrived. it looks about right. :)

Yay thanks dear. Can’t wait to be reunited with top…… and friend!!! :D


One of the performances during Japanese Cultural Night was a reenactment of a traditional Japanese (what else?) tea ceremony. The whole thing was sooo slooow. Dehydrated and/or impatient guests need not apply.

Emcee: The guest informs the host that she enjoys the tea.
Me: What if she doesn’t enjoy the tea?
Karen: The guest informs the host that she does not enjoy the tea.

I wonder if the guest informing the host that she enjoys the tea is a case of phatic communication?


Just now, after dinner……

Me [on seeing that the wallpaper of my brother’s lappie was a photograph of his soccer team]: Eh where are you?

My brother: There, the most handsome one.


rolling in dough

What  I said to Poppish Princess last night, upon giving her a graduation gift, a Kuriimupan (cream bun; Kogepan’s good friend) soft toy key chain:

Hope you become a breadwinner and roll in dough because you certainly knead it!

And yes everyone was cooing over it and trying to pinch its (his?) cheeks.

ep2_1Kuriimupan and Kogepan knocking back a few glasses of…… milk.

The quick royal gift presentation was after the inaugural Japanese Cultural Night. I liked Singapore Poly’s Japanese drum performances and the vigorous last dance (which had Grand Dotter in it) the best!

When I got home I watched the entire series of Kogepan anime (ten episodes in all, but each were about 3 to 4 minutes long).  The various breads were sooo cute! :D


Yesterday when I was walking to the MRT station, I came upon a little cat which was light orange with dark orange stripes.

It looked upwards
gave me a glare
instantly reminded me
a tiger.


别人老公比 较好




原来是四楼的朱先生,左手扛着自家的一代垃圾,右手就把她手上的两袋垃圾抢过去:“我帮你倒,你回去休息吧。” 秀如感激得不得了,心想朱太太真幸福,有这么愿意做家事的先生。不像庆淑——虽然倒垃圾是 “家事分配原则” 中专属他的工作,当倒垃圾车来时,他常常赖在沙发不肯起来,咕哝着说:“好累”。

庆淑回家时,秀如把朱先生的义举说给他听,“他真是一个好老公 …….” 庆淑酸溜溜的说:“哇,人家才帮你倒一天垃圾,就让你赞誉有加,我倒了好几年垃圾,你一句话都没称赞我!” “ 那是你应该做的阿!” 秀如没好气的回他。 “应该做的跟不应该做的,有差那么多吗?结果还是我都有做,还做了很久阿。” 庆淑就是喜欢和她拌嘴。说得有道理。虽然庆淑不喜欢倒垃圾,但他毕竟也都尽到责任。的确,自己从未赞许他,只因为 “那是你应该做的”。秀如也就闭嘴了。

过几天碰到楼上朱太太,朱太太也对秀如说:“你老公真是好人 …….你嫁他,一定很幸福。” “怎么了?” “他看见我拿着垃圾,就主动要帮我倒。不像我家老公,三催四请才会去倒垃圾 …….” 秀如听了,心里叹了口气。


早报周刊 9月6日


European Lit test’s short answer questions were not that bad.

Decided to skip the second half of Eu Lit lect to finish my SFG paper in peace. Wanted to tell my group during the break, but they all mysteriously vanished so I decided to just go ahead. Pushed my bag under a chair and went to the library.

I returned at 6 pm to see some of them had put my bag on a chair and debating what to do. Yes they were very much relieved to see me! Winnie said Quan Han thought I had been murdered :S and QH asked me why I didn’t leave a note. But seriously, I was so intent on completing my ridiculous SFG paper that that thought never occured to me! Haha. :P

It’s nice to be worried about :) but sorry guys, to make you all worried! :)

And so I’ve survived hell week, but you know, one’s work is never done. :P

research workshop seminar 7

Rachel coming into RW nearly 30 minutes late……

Mo: The quiz is over!
Rachel: *looks momentarily stunned*

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