blue off-shouldered blouse

Quite sometime ago I passed a Liz Claiborne store (can’t remember which) and was taken with this blue off-shoulder blouse displayed on a mannequin, and was paired with a short yellow skirt or something. I remember thinking wah what a nice combi, and then, unfortunately, having to move on.

Then about a month ago, while doing work (don’t we all?), I suddenly decided to check the Liz Claiborne site, perhaps there was a sale?

And there was!!!

And there was the top I loved!!!

liz claiborne Smocked Tunic with Belt marina 2

(Liz Claiborne in Singapore seems to be targeted at older ladies, but the stuff on its website seem pretty youngish!)

After waiting one week for a spree to open someplace, I asked Hui Lin to order it for me, which she did – almost immediately! Talk about efficiency!!! :D

And the best thing? When I said I’d Paypal her the money, she said no need cos she owed me far too many birthday presents!!! HAHAHA I should’ve asked her to get me more expensive stuff lor!!! :P

After a fortnight, she left a message on my Facebook wall:

by the way, your dress arrived. it looks about right. :)

Yay thanks dear. Can’t wait to be reunited with top…… and friend!!! :D


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