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daddy’s birthday

A glass of Long White Moscato with a slice of Mont Blanc……


the rest is silence

First two exams today. Haven’t had two exams in a day for years. Both were closed book.

European Literature first thing in the morning. The questions were…… Wrote nonsense. Amazed that some people asked for a second answer booklet. I didn’t even finish the first.

Two hours’ respite, then off to Life as Complex Systems. A physics paper, but the questions were so bio. And they weren’t easy!

But a handful of people left early. About the first to leave was this guy sitting directly on my left. He was wearing a shirt and pants (can’t remember if he also had a tie on). At 1.55 pm, he raised his hand for a teacher, and that teacher then raised his hand for Max. And when Max came over, the guy said, ‘DONE!’ a little too loudly. :P

And I think I got one MCQ wrong!!! Grrr!!! I should’ve chosen ‘all of the above’ when they asked what are the main forms of bonding in tertiary structure of protein!!! Because that’s the usual answer for similar questions in the class quizzes!!!

After the horrendous exam,  went back to Arts for consultation with Momo. Also had the privilege of doing an extra quiz, because he had lost one of mine!!! Seriously. Apparently his office is very messy.

Anyway after that popped by SaSa to get some eyeshadows :) before going home.

Two down, three more to go!

original sin

I wouldn’t need to study…

…if not for the Big Bang!!!

eightieth anniversary

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to go for this event – FASS 80th Anniversary Celebrations – An Evening With Friends – held yesterday evening but decided I had to after I was invited (and accepted) twice.

My date for the evening, Zhiqi, was late, so I went ahead and got myself seated in the little auditorium. I chose two aisle seats and choped the one on my left for ZQ. Prof Ooi came and sat on my right. After that many people kept asking me if they could sit on the seat I’d choped, and I had to keep telling them they couldn’t. According to Ooi, one of the people I turned down was ‘Dr Pakir’s prized PhD student’.

After some time ZQ arrived but had to sit at the back as she was a latecomer. After some speeches and hilarious performances (the Geog dept’s Prof Savage is super dirty and funny argh!), it was dinnertime!

Met ZQ. Since there were few sit-down tables (most were tiny ones so you had to eat standing) and no fixed seating we went hunting for a suitable spot. We finally settled on this little couch (which even had a table) in a deserted corner.

The food was not bad! There were some makeshift hawker stalls (mee siam and the roti jala uncle let me try my hand at making a couple!) and a buffet. After the initial queues around the food dispersed, I went back and koped all the remaining wasabi tempura prawns haha!!!

Spotted Chua Beng Huat chatting to girls all night. Wanted to take a photo with him but didn’t dare to. One of the Dean’s Office ladies helped me ask him! He said okay!!! And held my waist!!! We took 4 photos.

We left early cos ZQ still had to hand in an essay by midnight that night. And I went home full and happy!!!

very last lecture of the sem

Which was European Literature lecture 13.

Prof Turner: What is a novella?
Me: (to my neighbours) A baby novel!
Wei Zong: That’s a damn bimbo thing to say!!!


But anyway I shall miss my European Literature gang – we spent 13 weeks discussing the texts and other assorted rubbish during the group discussions. Lol.

And I’ll also miss the entire Eu Lit class, which tended to descend into anarchy at times. :P

total annihilation

Last 19th Century lecture today (technically yesterday).

Had second and final quiz. Once again, first section consisted of short answer questions, and the next section was a choice of essays.

The essay was all right, but the short answer questions were….. nearly impossible to answer. I thought of an plausible answer to one, but foolishly left it blank after deciding it was wrong.

It turned out to be right. I found out immediately after the test cos Dr Pan immediately flashed the answers on the screen!!!

The LT immediately erupted in groans and moans. Dr Pan said something like, ‘You must be full of crap as I hear a lot of ‘shits’!’



I think it is damn cool to have profs who studied under famous linguists such as Halliday and Chomsky!!!

I’m just one degree away from such greats!!! Seriously. :)

just my luck

Was running late for 19th Century tutorial on 29 Oct so I took a taxi from opposite Buona Vista MRT.

I asked the cabby to stop at the bus stop next to the Central Library. As I was paying, the cabby thanked me and said I ‘brought [him] luck’.

When I asked why, he said that it was because he already had his next customer waiting for him. I looked out of the window in surprise – there was indeed a young woman walking towards the taxi. Haha.

For a moment I was someone’s Lady Luck. :D

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