the rest is silence

First two exams today. Haven’t had two exams in a day for years. Both were closed book.

European Literature first thing in the morning. The questions were…… Wrote nonsense. Amazed that some people asked for a second answer booklet. I didn’t even finish the first.

Two hours’ respite, then off to Life as Complex Systems. A physics paper, but the questions were so bio. And they weren’t easy!

But a handful of people left early. About the first to leave was this guy sitting directly on my left. He was wearing a shirt and pants (can’t remember if he also had a tie on). At 1.55 pm, he raised his hand for a teacher, and that teacher then raised his hand for Max. And when Max came over, the guy said, ‘DONE!’ a little too loudly. :P

And I think I got one MCQ wrong!!! Grrr!!! I should’ve chosen ‘all of the above’ when they asked what are the main forms of bonding in tertiary structure of protein!!! Because that’s the usual answer for similar questions in the class quizzes!!!

After the horrendous exam,  went back to Arts for consultation with Momo. Also had the privilege of doing an extra quiz, because he had lost one of mine!!! Seriously. Apparently his office is very messy.

Anyway after that popped by SaSa to get some eyeshadows :) before going home.

Two down, three more to go!


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