merry christmas!

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I sorta celebrated Christmas Eve yesterday.

Went ring shopping with Grand Dotter, who gravitates towards wedding rings, or rings that look like wedding rings. :D

After that we went to Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery. Mandarin Gallery looks all glammed up now after extensive renovations, but I do miss its dark dingy corridors of yore (though the shops have always been posh).

We shared a long table with various strangers. Love the gigantic chandelier and bowls stuck onto one whole wall.

My shiromaru ramen:

Grand Dotter’s akamaru ramen:

I think Grand Dotter’s ramen was nicer than mine, 因为她的面口味比较重。

Portions were a little tiny, but after you’ve finished eating you feel the noodles fill you up.

After that we went to Fruit Paradise at Orchard Central (which was pretty deserted as compared to 313@Somerset) for dessert.

I had chocolate banana tart (oh the irony! I don’t really like banana; gave all the bits of banana to Grand Dotter) and GD had strawberry Mont Blanc (and I stole one piece of strawberry). The tarts weren’t very sweet, in fact they weren’t sweet enough for me.

We also ordered a pot of Peach Nectar, which had bits of peach mixed with the leaves. They covered the teapot with a checked print tea cosy, how cute is that?!

After that we rushed down to the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Bedok for Mass. It’s the largest and oldest Catholic church in the east. Carolling was starting at 8.30 pm and we thought we were going to be late, but the MRT and bus was surprisingly fast and we reached the church at 8.15. Everyone else was early and the hall was bursting at its seams. We managed to get seats in a pew at the back. Many babies in arms and quite a few cute guys of all ages. Haha.

The carolling was exactly how anyone would imagine it (high-pitched and echoic) and lasted for half an hour.

After that this priest recited odd passages from I-dunno-where (probably the Bible). This was interspersed with singing, and during one song everyone suddenly fell to their knees, to our great surprise. Completely confusing.

Then they had a procession of people carrying some trophy-like sceptres to the stage, and we could smell incense. They made a melodious bell tinkle at the parts they wanted to emphasize. It was exactly like the film version of The Tempest I watched – a bell would tinkle before Ariel appeared.

Everything the priest said was projected onto screens around the hall. The congregation would be directed to make the appropriate response (also projected on the screens) after the priest said something. Like acting like that.

Then they came round with donation bags tied to long sticks, and we both donated a bit. After that people were directed to wish each other peace and everyone started hugging those next to them. We were a bit taken aback by this display of exuberance. And we just stood there, haha. Well the Indian guy next to me said ‘peace be with you’ haha so nice of him!

Then each pew went up to receive communion, and we made our getaway during the confusion.

When I got home, this was waiting for me:

Some turkey breast, veggies and mash! For supper!!! :D


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