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maiden voyage

On Thursday afternoon, KN and I went to collect free magazines from this office in Carpenter Road, then we walked towards City Hall MRT.

We walked through Peninsula Plaza and passed this darkly lit sex shop. Suddenly KN said what I was thinking, ‘Eh you want to go inside and see?’

(Have been trying to enter the one located at the ground floor  of Lucky Plaza since I was 14. If I recall correctly it only allows above-23s to enter! Ridiculous!)

So we went in. I thought there wasn’t anyone inside at first, but after we entered, the sales assistant magically appeared.

I quickly scanned the shelves – full of intriguing devices and then there were some cheesily-illustrated board games which nevertheless looked rather interesting. Wanted to inspect them more closely, but by this time, KN was already hustling me out of the shop.

And thus concluded my virgin visit to a sex shop, quickie as it was! ;)


ewl seminar 3

Uncle Wee, with his shirt tucked in, pants belted up and hair gelled down: I thought it was Fifty Cents. But my friends keep correcting me, ‘No, it’s Fifty CENT!’ So it’s Fifty Cent, yo.

*folds arms and leans back in a rapper-like pose*

Question: why on earth does Uncle Wee keep emphasizing his advanced age? He even called himself ‘an old geezer’!!!!!!

有朋自远方来 不亦乐乎

At the end of December last year, I emailed my idol using an email address I had found on her jewellery website.

Almost immediately I got an automated response telling me to ‘sms her at her mobile number or send an email to her personal email address’ for urgent matters. So I was like, oh well too bad then.

Then five days ago, I got a reply from her! She thanked me and added that

We are all on a journey of learning and discovery. We learn from one another. I’m sure your life is and will be inspirational to others too.

:D :D :D

What a very very VERY nice surprise!!!

And YES I shall be inspiring to others too! YAY. :D

And the title of this entry was inspired by a riddle I heard way back in JC:



chrysalis: emerging

Which was the theme of our little party at KN’s on Saturday.

I was nearly two hours late, due to a contact lens situation. Everyone was already munching away when I got there! My punishment for lateness was cold food. :P

Koh Ni expertly slicing my fruitcake, which was spiked with lots of cointreau.


Serene: Ham and cheese omelette and grilled fish (wrapped in alumnium foil)

KN: Edamame (I had never eaten this before; it was strangely addictive), nori tofu soup (too much nori dear, haha!), carrot corn salad and smoked salmon with  basil salad (basil tastes odd!)

P: Handmade onigiri stuffed with crabstick and wasabi tuna (and extra crabsticks for the Empress Dowager! :) )

Me: Fruitcake!!!

I ate three onigiri and almost all the crabsticks!!! I love crabsticks!!!!!!

P suddenly mentioned that when KN first smsed us, she typed that the theme was ‘Chrysalis: Emerging Out’, and that the ‘Out’ was superfluous. I triumphantly announced that upon seeing that sms I had immediately replied that emerging did not require a preposition (but really a postposition!), and really where else could one emerge but out? S was naturally devastated to realize she was the only one who hadn’t noticed the error – her English was going to the dogs. But never mind. I notice plenty of people using constructions like ‘voice out opinions’, ‘discuss about things’, etc anyway, so.

And we all dressed to theme! I wore a large blue acrylic butterfly pendant, GD wore butterfly-shaped clips and KN wore a pearlescent butterfly pendant and a coat to signify a chrysalis. Well Serene volunteered to dance like a butterfly – I suggested doing a Muhammad Ali, and float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Haha.

After eating we helped to clear up and Serene kept commenting that I don’t seem to know how to do housework. Actually I do like washing dishes; it can be kinda cathartic.

A shot of the balloon decorations since KN was so proud of them. I thought they were just random bunches of balloons until I noticed that there were feelers (made of newspapers) poking from the top. Balloon butterflies!

Serene wrapped the rest of my fruitcake in clingwrap – extremely pro! Alas GD was the only one who adored it and kept raving ‘DAMN NICE!’. KN doesn’t like sweet things and Serene had sworn off wedding fruitcake since she was 5. :P

The blackboard on the table was the menu. Closeup:


俐儿医女敬茶!Using her pretty floral tea set!

Then we played Taboo (movies, cartoon characters and local food, etc) and charades using ‘Chinese 4D’ (成语). After that we played Win, Lose or Draw and you can see all the trenchant and incisive drawings we produced here. We’re so ridiculous. Laughed and laughed and laughed until stomach hurt.

P also taught me blackjack – how sad I thought it was some damn cheem game but it’s just a game of chance!!! And she also taught us bridge – the other three of us who were from HC never learnt in during our time then. Odd! The cards were a favour from a wedding P attended so a bride and groom were printed on all of them – Serene commented that they were very taunting or something.

We have different styles of arranging our cards!

It’s good to see all your friends in the same place at the same time for once!!! :D

ffg lor!

Happy happy HAPPY!!!

……even though GAPS is a total wet blanket by disclaiming:

Please note that Filing for Graduation is to indicate your intention to graduate so that your academic performance will be reviewed and we will notify you at a later date before and/or after the exams if you have not fulfilled the requirements to graduate.’

love and sex

Love is a matter of chemistry, but sex is a matter of physics.



I think I’m suffering from Last Semester Syndrome (LSS – thanks Zhiyang for giving it a name!).

And KN probably has the same thing. I feel you!

better late than never

Turned 22.5 years old on Saturday.

Happy belated twenty-two and a half birthday to me! :D

crimson tide

Odd throbbing at a corner of the brain.

Heavy feeling in the stomach.

And cravings for fatty greasy fast food.

exploring ikea

Went to Ikea Tampines with Grand Dotter yesterday afternoon. We took the shuttle from Tampines MRT to get there – I’d never taken it before, how exciting!

Grand Dotter got some coffee mugs and other things. She carried her stuff in a brown paper box carrier (free from Ikea), and looked like she’d just been fired. It wouldn’t have been surprising if a security guard appeared from nowhere to escort her out of the building. :P

I still can’t eat sausages so I didn’t try their hotdogs. Had their ice cream (tastes different from what I last remembered) and curry puff (the filling was sweet like Japanese curry).

If I had my own home, I’d get loads and loads of stuff from Ikea. ;)


Couldn’t get my contacts out last night so had to sleep in them. :/

I dreamt that I was so desperate to remove them that I ripped one contact lens off and it tore, leaving a tiny piece on my eyeball.

Then I woke up with a start, and was relieved to realize that both lenses were still in one piece and stuck on my eyes.

Anyway I went back to the optician in the evening to learn how to get them off.  So my poor corneas can have a breather now. Meanwhile I need to practise. :P

love is patient

Yesterday afternoon, I very nearly didn’t attend my first church wedding ever, but in the end I did. Cos my sister reminded us just before noon that she wanted to go, so I had to accompany her, and mum also came along. Neither of them had ever been to a church wedding before this one as well – my sister’s younger than me but my mum’s more than five decades old.

The wedding was my cousin’s, held at a newly built church in an ulu corner of Punggol. The invitation said to be seated by 2 pm. We reached at around 1.35 pm and took a few photos and then sat down and waited and waited and waited. The ceremony only began at 2.45 pm!!!

The wedding cake, placed on the stage, which smelt strongly of chocolate but turned out to be carrot. (And they duct taped the cake to the board!!! :O )

It was movie-themed, as we deduced from the invitation. So they screened the trailers of The Leap Years and 50 First Dates and their own creative localized version of the Mastercard (dancing guy) ad. Then they screened a Star Wars-themed clip about the groom growing up and the bride growing up and the groom then going to the other side of the universe to seek the bride or something. Then the groom and his 兄弟s made their grand entrance with poser poses.

Then the bride’s 姐妹s came down the aisle, followed by the flower girl and page boy (who lost his way) bearing the rings. Then my cousin came in accompanied by my Uncle N. The groom received the bride and they went up the stage together.

The pastor delivered a long long speech with many references of what happens in movies is not like real life. And he quoted 1 Corinthians, which almost everyone loves to quote as well. You probably know it as well.  ‘Love is patient, love is kind……’ But the way he said the newlyweds’ love would grow in God’s love was a bit creepy, like third party like that (Grand Dotter via sms: ‘God is asexual, but linguistically at least manifested male, and clergy traditionally male, sometimes communion with god also called a marriage.’).

After the pastor was done talking, the groom and bride recited vows which they had written themselves, exchanged rings, were declared ‘man and wife’. Finally, then the groom was allowed to kiss the bride. They then walked back down the red carpet…… into a blissful future.

Doesn’t the bride’s gown look like a humongous meringue?

After that, the moment everyone was waiting for – reception time! YAY. The buffet was by Rasel and the food was quite nice. There was stuff like potato salad, shepherd pie with minced lamb, lemongrass fish, ice cream puffs and carrot cake (so even though I couldn’t eat the carrot cake Karen baked for me cos the icing was tasted bitter and was probably spoilt, I still managed to satisfy my carrot cake cravings!). Meanwhile the bride and groom had their cake cutting ceremony amidst the chaos.

No celebration is ever complete without food!!!

After thanking the bride and groom, we taxiied home in double quick time to prepare for Round 2 – wedding dinner at The Paramount (‘a Tung Lok  restaurant’) in Paramount Hotel & Shopping Centre. We got there just after 6.30 pm and were the first few guests there. I was supposed to reach the place early cos I was supposed to be one of the receptionists!

The reception table was kinda bare when I got there, but the other receptionist, Jan (spelling?) soon arrived with bags and bags of barang barang. We laid out the stuff and she told me what to do later. She’s a mutual friend of the couple and the second 姐妹 during the church wedding.

Busy bees!

I was actually less busy :P cos I only handled the bride’s relatives whereas Jan handled the groom’s relatives and the couple’s mutual friends and colleagues.

I just realized the reception area was tinged in pale pink.

What I wore:

– Purple New Look toga dress that I bought on Wednesday, ha! (oh there was a deep green version which was equally nice!)
– Mum’s pearl necklace
– Silver Topshop heels I bought in January 2007 and worn for the first time

Meanwhile in the ballroom, the tea ceremony was underway!

We manned the reception booth for about one and a half hours, ticking off guests’ names, giving them directions and collecting angbaos. At around 8.30 pm, we packed up quickly, handed the fiery avalanche of angbaos to my cousin (bride’s younger brother) for safekeeping, and went to our respective tables before the wedding couple made their grand entrance.

During my other cousin’s wedding in December 2009, we were seated with Uncle N and family. My mum told him that she wanted a good table so she could see my cousin on stage properly during her wedding. So Uncle N gave us a lot of face by seating us at table number 1, which turned out to be in the last row, and in the farthest corner ever!!!!!! (We shared the table with two other middle-aged couples who were apparently Uncle N’s former or current neighbours or something.)

As expected, this wedding dinner did not start punctually either. The invitation said it would start at 7.30 pm but the first course was served at 8.40 pm.

Roast chicken should always be served with keropok. Yay!

After the dinner, most of the relatives were milling outside the restaurant and taking photos in front of the seedy KTV lounges next door. There was an endless stream of scantily-clad women coming and going. I have no idea why many of the older folks spoke disparagingly of these women. KTV hostessing is a job, it pays the bills – although the noise generated might potentially disturb those living next door.

third day of school

EL 4221 Narrative Structures

This module aims to introduce students to some essential literary-critical and linguistic concepts in the study of narrative. One of its central themes will be the relationship between system and structure in narrative, and how this can be derived from a similar relationship in linguistics. Students will be analysing the narrative content of written, oral and cinematographic texts during the semester.

Half the class are lit majors. I swear Talib keeps picking on me (though not exactly in a bad way). Love that I can use the CPS handset thingy again! But this module is kinda confusing. We’ll see.

Lunch with three other fourth years (Jia Jie, Kah Mun and Ruth) and two third years (Xuanyu and Jeannette). Was totally amused when Jeannette said she couldn’t stand the second years because they are very competitive.


Every generation thinks the next is hopeless, after all. :)

second day of school

Two free days and then back to school again.

EL 4255 English as a World Language

This module focuses on the consequences of the spread of English as a world language. Key topics covered include: the rise of linguistic instrumentalism; the marginalization of other languages and their speakers/cultures; the question of how various Englishes should be ideologically positioned and the relationship between language and modernity. Target students: Those who are willing to critically engage in a debate on what it means to be a ‘world language’ as well those who are interested in gaining a deeper appreciation of the impact of English on the world and vice versa.

This module seems promising enough. Did not know that Prof Wee does not believe in language rights. More about that in later lectures, hopefully.

mirror mirror

Popped by Ikea Alexandra on my way to school yesterday.

Stomach was rumbling so I decided to have lunch first. When I joined the queue at Ikea Restaurant, a little blonde angmoh boy had thrown himself on the ground and was throwing a major tantrum. And his mum did nothing. Bad parenting must be a cultural universal. Ahem.

I had the daily special, Ayam Masak Merah with Corn Rice. Alas, nothing special! The corn rice tasted normal, the ‘chicken leg meat topped with tomato paste’ tasted normal and the sambal goreng tasted normal. Totally NOT worth it for $5.50!!! But I ate everything anyway.

When the cleaner aunty came to collect my tray, she asked me how I found the food. I decided to preserve her positive face and told her that ‘the portion is too small’ (which was also true – to me anyway). She replied that some people found it too much!!! I’m not exactly a big eater – these people must eat like birds or something.

(Had recounted this to Grand Dotter and Jia Jie before Repro yesterday. Jia Jie said that if I had said that the food sucked, the aunty might have said, ‘YES YES YES I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!’ GD said that if I had said something damning instead of what I had said, they might have done something about it. Then again, taste is subjective. :P)

After the normal lunch, I went to get my mirror. I got the Trensum N mirror  for $25 and it looks like this:

At 17 cm across and 33 cm tall, it is gigantic compared to all the other mirrors I have ever owned (which were pocket mirrors, but never mind). One side reflects normally but the other side magnifies 2.5 times – so I will be able to see my pimples and blackheads in their grittily gross glory.

Excellent indeed.

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