first day of school

Back to school after an eternity. Had my very first lesson for the very first time in NUH.

GEK 1545 An Insight into Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a topic important for all human beings. Over the years, there is an increasing demand and awareness for students to know about health issues that concern their very own lives. The course aims at a basic understanding of the male and female reproductive systems. An insight will be given to the physiological changes occurring in the different phases of ones reproductive life. Important and specific health issues arising in both males and females will be taught. In the course of the module, students will have a good understanding of important reproductive health matters and how to deal and cope with them in a rationale and educated matter. Assessment Continuous Assessment (40%) This will be based on: i) Assignment or project on Reproductive Health to be done individually. It will not be done in groups. (25-30%) ii) Quizzes. During tutorials, the students will also have a continuous assessment. This will take the form of quizzes. It will be held through the entire course during the tutorial. (10-15%) Final Assessment (60%) This will be in form of: i) MCQ’s – to test core knowledge in reproductive health. (30-40%) ii) Short Essay Questions – to test the application of the principles in Reproductive Health to the Society/individual at large. (20-30%)

Our lecture was in a room in a quiet corner of NUH. The lecturer’s Kuldip Singh and he is quite funny. He told us that many years back he asked his medicine students to define a vagina and some guy replied ‘cockpit’. :D

(So then define a penis. Of course – pussy whip! Remember, you heard it here first, folks! :D)

Gosh I’m still in the holiday mood.


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  1. 1 - Friday, 2 December, 2011 at 3:13 am

    hi, care to give a review on this module?

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