chrysalis: emerging

Which was the theme of our little party at KN’s on Saturday.

I was nearly two hours late, due to a contact lens situation. Everyone was already munching away when I got there! My punishment for lateness was cold food. :P

Koh Ni expertly slicing my fruitcake, which was spiked with lots of cointreau.


Serene: Ham and cheese omelette and grilled fish (wrapped in alumnium foil)

KN: Edamame (I had never eaten this before; it was strangely addictive), nori tofu soup (too much nori dear, haha!), carrot corn salad and smoked salmon with  basil salad (basil tastes odd!)

P: Handmade onigiri stuffed with crabstick and wasabi tuna (and extra crabsticks for the Empress Dowager! :) )

Me: Fruitcake!!!

I ate three onigiri and almost all the crabsticks!!! I love crabsticks!!!!!!

P suddenly mentioned that when KN first smsed us, she typed that the theme was ‘Chrysalis: Emerging Out’, and that the ‘Out’ was superfluous. I triumphantly announced that upon seeing that sms I had immediately replied that emerging did not require a preposition (but really a postposition!), and really where else could one emerge but out? S was naturally devastated to realize she was the only one who hadn’t noticed the error – her English was going to the dogs. But never mind. I notice plenty of people using constructions like ‘voice out opinions’, ‘discuss about things’, etc anyway, so.

And we all dressed to theme! I wore a large blue acrylic butterfly pendant, GD wore butterfly-shaped clips and KN wore a pearlescent butterfly pendant and a coat to signify a chrysalis. Well Serene volunteered to dance like a butterfly – I suggested doing a Muhammad Ali, and float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Haha.

After eating we helped to clear up and Serene kept commenting that I don’t seem to know how to do housework. Actually I do like washing dishes; it can be kinda cathartic.

A shot of the balloon decorations since KN was so proud of them. I thought they were just random bunches of balloons until I noticed that there were feelers (made of newspapers) poking from the top. Balloon butterflies!

Serene wrapped the rest of my fruitcake in clingwrap – extremely pro! Alas GD was the only one who adored it and kept raving ‘DAMN NICE!’. KN doesn’t like sweet things and Serene had sworn off wedding fruitcake since she was 5. :P

The blackboard on the table was the menu. Closeup:


俐儿医女敬茶!Using her pretty floral tea set!

Then we played Taboo (movies, cartoon characters and local food, etc) and charades using ‘Chinese 4D’ (成语). After that we played Win, Lose or Draw and you can see all the trenchant and incisive drawings we produced here. We’re so ridiculous. Laughed and laughed and laughed until stomach hurt.

P also taught me blackjack – how sad I thought it was some damn cheem game but it’s just a game of chance!!! And she also taught us bridge – the other three of us who were from HC never learnt in during our time then. Odd! The cards were a favour from a wedding P attended so a bride and groom were printed on all of them – Serene commented that they were very taunting or something.

We have different styles of arranging our cards!

It’s good to see all your friends in the same place at the same time for once!!! :D


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