ism consultation 1

Oh very very very belated entry but better late than never.

Had my first consultation with 阳介さん in the afternoon of 29 January.

Consultation was fine, and then near the end I asked him about the paper on terminolgy in Japanese porn that he had mentioned during our previous meeting (before school started).

Apparently he is corresponding with a friend (who is either Paraguayian or Panamanian or something) to collate terms from Japanese pornography.

He asked me if I knew the meaning of bukkake, and then, paizuri. Well he did try to explain the terms to me, with a very straight face. Anyway I did tell him that I already knew what those two terms meant, to his somewhat mild surprise. Haha! He asked me if I watched (again with a straight face), alas, I had to reply, ‘No I don’t, but I have friends who do!’

Oh and he said Peter Tan tried to allocate supervisors who had slightly different interests from the students for their theses / ISMs, so that supervisors and students could learn from each other.



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