repro lect 8

So after the prof finished his lecture today, he announced that he was going to screen some videos of childbirth.


As I have always been queasy about such things,  I proceeded to hide my face behind my and Grand Dotter’s lecture notes, occasionally peeking over them to see what was happening on screen.

Although I missed most of the different types of childbirth, I managed to catch a few choice snippets.

In the first video, woman’s vagina was red and raw (actually all of them were) and the baby’s head was poking out of it – one of the most  unsexual and grossest sights I’ve ever seen.

In another video, the camera zoomed in on the umbilical cord and it was bluish-white and pulsating (Serene says ‘the white part is thick wharton’s jelly and the blue part is the umbilical artery’). It looked nothing like the pink sausagey thing I had imagined previously. And the pulsatingness was just plain eeeeee.

Then there was this doctor who put the placenta, a gigantic bloody mess, in a container and kinda mixed it around, turned it into an even gigantic-er bloodier mess. (Serene also said the it must be checked thoroughly for ‘breaks or missing bits aka retained poc’. /edit 11-3-10 The prof said it was to ensure nothing was left in the mother. )

The most appalling thing was the prof’s flippant additional commentary. And he delighted in telling us that many husbands faint upon seeing such scenes in the delivery room. :P

Oh, most of the class faced the screen bravely, and gasped (in amazement and / or horror) at appropriate moments. :P Well – I still think I made the right choice, cos at least I could still eat after that, haha!

Humans should lay eggs!!! After all there are mammals which do so.  It’s less bloody!!!

Anyway, all teenagers should be made to watch such videos as part of sex ed classes!!!


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