two bowls of abalone ramen

Had dinner at the Ramen Ten outlet in a nearby mall with Brother yesterday.

They were having a one-for-one promotion, where diners could order one bowl of their bestselling ramen and get another bowl free. They did not allow to get the non-bestsellers free, which Brother found extremely illogical, because most of the non-bestsellers cost less than the bestsellers anyway.

Most of the bestsellers did not appeal to us save the abalone ramen, so that’s what we both got. We also ordered a potato salad and an iced green tea, since they did not serve water (bah!).

The green tea tasted odd, and some cubes of potato in the salad were crunchy and kinda uncooked.

Then the ramen came! It wasn’t too bad, but then, things served piping hot often aren’t too bad. The soup tasted like Campbell mushroom soup – perhaps they used mushrooms to flavour it.

And suddenly, while eating, I recalled what Samantha said to me on Friday, as we were discussing siblings and I realized my brother is almost 18: ‘Suddenly your baby brother is all grown up!’



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