acrylic is love

Was reading Lifestyle on Tuesday and saw an ad for an alldressedup warehouse sale, which was going to be from 17 to 19 March. Decided that I definitely needed to go.

So on Friday, went back to school to get my laptop checked and then MRTed back eastwards. The sky was dangerously overcast as I was nearing my stop. By the time I got off, it was pouring heavily. After that, had to take a bus to the warehouse sale. Reached the vicinity of the place, and walked around aimlessly with umbrella in one hand and heavy laptop in other, but couldn’t find it. Finally found a security post and asked the guards, who directed me to the place. Yay!!!

The warehouse sale was held at the alldressedup head office. So glad to enter the building and leave the stormy weather outside. Checked my bags in and entered the inner room to shop! There were only about three or four other female customers there – well alldressedup isn’t exactly Mango, so.

Some of the clothes were too avant garde, and most were still on the pricey side for me. Nothing really caught my eye other than this floaty pleated yellow (chiffon?) skirt, but it cost $100+ (or maybe $200+, I can’t remember), so never mind.

But the accessories were genius! Yes, some of the statement necklaces looked like ropes you’d tie your drapes with, but the bangles were amazing! The first thing I saw was this bejewelled acrylic bib (‘Izarra crescent necklace’) that I’ve lusted after since forever. Last piece! So I quickly took it. Studied the rest of the accessories, and after some deliberation, settled on two other acrylic cuffs.

One of the sales assistants was wearing three totally different rings made of clear lucite (another name for acrylic) on the middle three fingers of her left hand. Very pretty! She told me that she had also bought two cuffs and was close to ‘working for free’ there.

The loot!

Acrylic is ♥!

The top cuff (‘Sharma tinted cuff’) is actually made of two pieces of acrylic, one red and one clear, which are detachable. The bottom cuff (‘Kesi jewel cuff’) is black acrylic studded with silvery studs, and reminds me of the studded metal glove Beyonce wore in her Single Ladies video.

Have been fascinated with acrylic since secondary school Design & Technology lessons! Loved cutting acrylic, polishing it, drilling holes in it, putting it in the oven till it’s all soft and floppy and then moulding it into desired shape……!

Paid and went home a happy heretic. Such is the power of retail therapy. :D


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