repro lect 10

Just after I seated myself in class today, the prof immediately addressed me as ‘anchorwoman’ and said, ‘The students say we can’t start the tutorial without you……’

And when class started, he asked me to ask the first question. Not one to disappoint, I did: ‘May I know where is the attendance sheet?’


And yes, I know all about the HPV vaccine (which has received considerable press lately), that herpes simplex virus 1 causes cold sores, and some other things.

Then we were discussing the causes of cervical cancer (which, for obvious reasons, only affects women), and he said one cause was related to the penis. Nobody could guess the link (promiscuity etc had already been discussed).

So he wrote ‘s _ _ _ _ _ a’ on the board and got everyone to guess the missing letters. Well all those who guessed guessed wrongly, then he looked at me expectantly and so I said, ‘M.’ So he wrote m in the first blank, but I said, ‘Isn’t there another m?’ Haha so he realized that I had already realized what word it was. So he asked me for the other letters, and, of course, I replied, ‘E and g!’

Yes, smegma!

The best thing was that after that, he called me ‘Ms Know All’! Naturally, I shall take that as a compliment!!! :D


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