leisurely tuesday

Went to down to Kampong Glam this afternoon.

Had nasi ayam penyet and iced lime juice at Esah Abdullah (62 Bussorah Street) – the last time I ate there was about 9 months ago. The chicken was delicious, but the iced lime juice is really the best I’ve ever drunk. Too bad about the numerous flies and two hands are not enough to swat them away.

Then there was a slight commotion nearby, and everyone turned their heads to see what was going on. Turned out that a class from Peiying Primary was touring the place. A Primary 3 or 4 class by the looks of it. The guide was trying to explain something but the kids were generally overwhelming him with their boisterousness. Then they walked off in the direction of the Sultan Mosque and all was still again.

After that, walked back to the fabric area. Passed by carpet shops and some of the proprietor uncles called me madam. Went straight to my favourite drapery, Gim Joo (90 Arab Street) – that place is a real treasure trove of cloths! Got a bit of coral gradient satin. Then went in and out of random draperies checking out more cloths before walking back to the MRT station.

Walked through Bugis Junction to get there. Passed by Tori Q and saw that it had a little sign that said  ‘Japanese satay’! I suppose if satay ever goes to Japan, their sign will say ‘Malay yakitori’!!! (Such is the arbitrariness of language!!!)


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