linguistic malfunctions

KN telling me to go find her and P in the science canteen so that they could eat my brownies:

KN: We are at the lock chairs – do you know where they are?
Me: *thinking* Lock chairs? What locked chairs?!

When I got there I realized she meant log chairs – the chairs and tables are made of logs.

Me: KN your voiced and unvoiced sounds got problem!

The [k] and [g] sounds are both velar plosives and their only difference is that [g] is voiced and [k] is not. Basically it means that these two sounds are made in almost the same way, except when one produces [g], your vocal cords will vibrate but this does not happen when you produce [k].

On my brownies:

KN: These drownies……

She wanted to say dry brownies actually.P and I agreed that this was an example of clipping and compounding. However, on further reflection, I suppose that since it was a genuine mistake, it could be considered a spoonerism. If I recall Psycholinguistics class correctly, spoonerisms are evidence that different parts of words are stored in different parts of the brain, and sometimes the brain makes errors when retrieving these parts and then putting them together.

At the travel agency filling out forms:

KN: Pam!
P: *hands her a pen*
Me: Haha KN your nasal sounds also got problem!

[m] and [n] are both nasal sounds! This means that they are produced when the velum in one’s mouth is lowered, allowing air to escape through the nose. Although the two sounds have the same manner of articulation, they have different places of articulation.

HAHA yes dear KN this is enough evidence that you need to sleep early!!!


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