last day

Official last day of school last Friday. All my lessons had already ended last week so I went to school just for……

photo credit: Carmen

It was held at the EL honours room, of course!

Our room is totally dilapidated as compared to the EN (English Lit) one, which also contains a stockpile of alcohol, or the TS one, which even has a tiny vanity corner!

We were supposed to be dressed in bright colours but I came in black and white! :P

photo credit: Carmen

Samuel demonstrating how to eat pizza.

While everyone was munching on pizza, Nurul and Aqilah arrived with a bunch of colourful balloons, which were received with great fanfare.

They also brought a box of nutella cupcakes, which were very beautifully decorated with fondant! (The fondant was chewy and hard to eat though!)


Don’t the mortar boards resemble stingrays?

Suddenly, P Tan, our honours coordinator, popped his head in, so we made him take photos with us!

photo credit: Nurul

A handful of third years also came and gatecrashed!

Apart from the pizza and cupcakes, there was actually very little food.We entertained ourselves by taking photos with props and each other! Halfway some of us went to take photos with the profs.

First stop, 阳介さん’s office!

Knock, knock!

Made 阳介さん pose with those furry pink hearts, lol!

Some of the profs were having a conference in the seminar room a few doors down, so whenever we ran past the room, we’d jump up and down to look inside! Yes we were totally distracting!!!

P Tan and V Ooi with some of us! (photo credit: Carmen)

We also went upstairs to the area outside the general office for more photos. Had to keep shushing each other from time to time!

Took turns to pose with the balloons in front of ENGLISH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE. Everyone tried to hide LITERATURE using the balloons. Well – except me, as I currently happen to be the only English honours major who is also a Literature minor.  Someone called me traitor! :P

Samuel helping Jia Xin arrange her balloons aesthetically! (photo credit: Nurul)

And after most of us had left, the honours room was quiet again……

NB Used the WordPress cut for the first time ever!


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