back to nature

After the pre-grad party last Friday, I hung around a bit in school cos it was raining heavily, before bussing (traffic jam!) and MRTing down to Tangs in Orchard.

The event, Back to Nature, was supposed to start at 7 pm, but I reached Tangs only at 7.30 pm. When I got to the area where event was being held, I was amazed to see a queue in front of the entrance, and there were already tons of people inside!

I’d thought it was going to be a small low-key event featuring my boss, a jewellery designer, and Beverly Feldman, a shoe one. Apparently not.  So I joined queue, and thankfully when I got to the entrance, my name was on the guest list so I could enter – was half afraid it wasn’t going to be!

Once inside, there were so many well-dressed ladies and gentlemen everywhere that it was all rather disorientating. Stumbled over to the Molton Brown counter and asked the guy behind it, ‘Actually, what is this event about?’ And his reply: ‘Er I don’t know.’

Anyway I smsed my boss and her sole employee (her company has just two people at the moment), K, called me, and after some frantic walking around,  I managed to locate their little counter at the other end, and gladly joined them.

Boss (in red) and K (with blonde hair) attending to customers!

Bird’s eye view of one of the displays at our counter.

Turned out that this event was to display the Spring / Summer collections from various brands that Tangs carries. At around 8 pm, they sent male and female models dressed in the latest outfits catwalking into the crowd.

Lady in red!

Since I haven’t officially joined Boss’ company, I didn’t really know much about her jewellery line, so I did simple things like taking out pieces of jewellery for potential customers to try.

Halfway, I realized people nearby were chatting and taking photos with a lady in a glittery black coat, who I guessed was Beverly Feldman. So I waited until she was alone before approaching her. I told her I love her shoes (yes some of her jewelled flats are absolutely to die for!) and could I take a photo with her? She acquiesced with a big smile. Her male friend (husband?) took a couple of photos with my camera, and the official Tangs photographer also got a shot. (They later came by to pass me a copy – how efficient! and what a pleasant surprise! – which I promptly asked Ms Feldman to autograph! :) )

Ms Feldman, who wandered over to our end to look at shoes!

Food at such events is often hard to come by, and I only had a few tiny pieces of fried fish, one tiny panna cotta and two glasses of sprite for dinner. Anyhow I stayed until the end of the event and helped to clear and pack up. Boss asked me to arrange the jewellery in the display case allotted to her line, which I did, and she declared that it was ‘quite good for your first time’. She was also quite amazed that I had stayed with them for the entire event and told me I hadn’t needed to, actually.

My handiwork!

Boss’ parents came to pick her up, and I got a lift to Paya Lebar MRT.  Reached home at almost 11 pm though. Still, tired but happy!

Anyway, let me do a bit of a plug for my boss’ jewellery line, Choo Yilin Artisan Jewellery. The official website is here, and the line is available at Tangs (at Orchard and Paragon) and Colette (at the Forum), and also online at Cate. Do check it out! :D


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