a puff of progesterone

First exam, Reproductive Health, this afternoon.

Closed book. 40 MCQs and 4 short-answer questions. While shading in the circles on the optical answer sheet, I realized it provided spaces for 250 questions. What kind of exam has that many questions?!

This guy, sitting diagonally left in front of me, came about half an hour after the exam started. And people started leaving after the first hour. Noticed the prof marking some of the scripts that had been handed in. But since my next exam was a week away, and it was raining heavily, I decided to take my time. By the time the exam ended there were like only six people left.

The exam wasn’t that difficult, but some questions were very odd like what do you think is the best measurement of fertility? Who cares? :P

Anyway I think I’ve a couple of mistakes, sigh, but I shall not dwell upon them, lest I should end up disappearing in a puff of progesterone!

And with that, it’s one exam over and one more to go!!!


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