the three circles redux

My first ever exam in NUS was held at a Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, and it was rather fitting that my very last would also be held in exactly the same one.

English as World Language this morning. Closed book. Two essay questions. The first was rather ridiculous and the second was easier. No time to add witty repartee as the icing on the cake as suggested by Uncle Wee though! :P

Shared our half of the hall with students taking EL 1101E, GEK 1041 and SC 3202 (the other half had students doing some science paper). Looked at all those little ones doing EL 1101E and couldn’t help but think, that was me four years ago! It just all seems so distant now. Future, current and graduating EL majors sharing the same space – isn’t it curious how life comes full circle?

Oddly enough, although they usually have only one presiding invigilator to handle both halves of the MPSH, this time they had two. The other half started and ended a few minutes after we did. It was quite distracting to listen to instructions coming from the other side when you’ve already started your paper.

But invigilators from the other side took a far shorter time to collect, count, doublecount and maybe even triplecount their exam scripts. Although we ended earlier, our invigilators (including 阳介さん who was wearing a shirt in a nice deep shade of purple; his hair had grown back a bit) took about 10 more minutes than the other side did (to be fair they had fewer students, but still). So we had to sit patiently while students on the other side left! We were finally released 20 minutes after our exam ended!!!


Spent my first hour of freedom at the university clinic cos I needed more medicine for a throat infection.

When the pharmacist called my name, I immediately went over. She presented me with a dazzling array of FIVE types of medicine! One capsule: antibiotics. Two tablets: one for daytime and one for nighttime, cos the nighttime one makes one drowsy – just like putting on day and night moisturizers. And finally, two liquids: the doctor prescribed a certain medicine but they only had it in separate bottles so I have to mix the two together myself – a drug cocktail, how fun!

After she handed me the medicine, I said, ‘But I have not paid yet.’ She looked a bit surprised and replied, ‘It’s all standard medicine for students, so you don’t need to pay!’


In all my previous visits to the clinic, I had to pay for one or two medicines that I had been prescribed. This was the first time that every single thing was free!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!!

Obviously I was supremely happy and smsed a few people to inform them. Yes cheap thrill, but never mind.

But of course the best thing that happened today was completing the possibly last ever academic examination in my life!

Free at last! Free at last! Thank goodness, I am free at last!


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