lunch at lucky plaza

After Boss and I met with a potential stockist and then attended to some business matters in Tangs Orchard last Monday (May 17), she left for another appointment. As I had a few hours before my next appointment, I decided that it was the perfect time to go explore Lucky Plaza, which was right next door.

As expected, Lucky Plaza is frequented by Filipinos and most of the businesses sell goods or services targeted at this demographic. I kept a special lookout for food places because I was hungry!!! :P

Eventually, I settled on this place called GP Restaurant, located on the fourth floor.

They tout themselves as ‘Authentic Filipino Cuisine’, but my friends know I don’t give a damn about authenticity; my main concern is usually taste. A wait staff came to show me to my seat, and I went in with some trepidation: what if I didn’t like the food? :P

As you can see from the above photo, they also sell snacks at the entrance!

Found the interior decoration a little curious but can’t exactly say why.

Prices of the a la carte dishes seemed a little high, so I settled for their daily set menu. (Later when I saw other tables get their food, I noticed that the portions,  presumably a la carte, were quite large, so.)

The drinking straw is rather short: I wonder if that has any significance?

I was under the impression that they were going to bring each course one by one, imagine my surprise when this was delivered to my table!


Appetizer: Chicharon Manok (deep fried chicken skin).

Soup of the day: Milgang Soup (vegetables simmered in a tangy soup base of tamarind).

Vegetable: Pakbet (Mixed veggies with pork stirfried with shrimp paste).

Main course: Adobong Babay (pork in dark sauce).

A dipping sauce made of chillies, and possibly vinegar.

Dessert: watermelon.

The Chicharon Manok was crisp and yummy. The Pakbet didn’t really taste like shrimp paste. And the Adobong Babay reminds me of kong bak! Was drinking the Milgang Soup when I found an unidentified piece of something in it:


It looked like sea cucumber. I gave it a tentative little nibble but couldn’t tell what it was. You’ll never guess what it was! One wait staff told me it was BANANA! Banana soup! Amazing!!!

The dishes are on the sour side but are actually quite delicious. (I googled ‘GP Asian Restaurant’ and found this article which says that ‘Filipinos’ penchant for the sour taste has resulted in vinegar playing a big part in their sauces and dips, while prawns also regularly feature in their food.’)

I’m definitely going back to try other dishes, like the roast pork!!! :D

GP Restaurant
304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
+65 6733 2723


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