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young again

Accompanied my mum to a wedding dinner at Meritus Mandarin on Saturday night. The bride’s father and my mum are ex-colleagues.

So we were seated at a table full of my mum’s ex-colleagues, and there was much lively banter (but not from me :P) because my mum hasn’t seen them for, literally, decades!

This auntie (who came with her husband; they used to be neighbours with the bride’s family) said that I look  ‘十多岁’ and that ‘说你是中学的都有人相信’. :D

The food was pretty good. And yes I was the youngest at the table, so I was probably the only one not bothering about her diet, and so got to eat most of the leftovers. :P

another auntie at the table said i look 十多岁
6/27/2010 1:47:42 AM ~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] kimberly [19; 15, 36, 42, 57+ – “君子报仇,十年不晚”] and that
6/27/2010 1:48:05 AM ~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] kimberly [19; 15, 36, 42, 57+ – “君子报仇,十年不晚”] 说你是中学的都有人相信

durian cake

My sister turns 22 today! Happy birthdayyy!!!!!!

Doctor dissecting durian cake!

She bought a durian cake from Emicakes yesterday, and cut it after dinner.

It wasn’t too bad, but the durian cakes that she makes are infinitely better!!! ♥

japan trip day 1: getting there

Our flight, DL 280, was scheduled for takeoff at 5.45 am, but all three of us got to the airport shortly after midnight.


the chicken in the pie

Homemade chicken pie left over from the previous night’s dinner, reheated for yesterday’s lunch!

Very healthy-tasting – I polished off about three quarters of this!!!


I found this rather amusing:



芝芝又怀了第二个孩子,还没满月,就到处跟人家说, 出门也穿超高高跟鞋,家里竟又动起装潢来。婆婆看她百无禁忌,告诫她说:“万一有怎样怎么办?妳还是多躺躺比较好。”芝芝竟然对婆婆说:“啊,没关系啦,我身体好得很,很容易怀的,万一流掉一下子也就有了。”


拒 婆婆帮忙坐月子

芝芝会对自己的生殖能力“夸下海口”,是因为她连装了避孕器都不小心怀了第二胎的缘故,对自己才如此有信心。此外,她和婆婆的相处也很另类,直接就跟节省的婆婆 说:“妈,妳不要来帮我坐月子啦,我是个挑嘴的人,很难养的,怕妳会生气,直接叫月子餐就好了。”刚好她也碰到一个开朗的婆婆,婆婆也就乐得轻松了。因为大家了解,她的童言无忌是针对自己,而不是对别人含沙射影。

我也听过一位婆婆抱怨媳妇:“不管对她多好,她都一脸哀怨,好像她心不甘情不愿嫁到我们家来,有什么不满意就说嘛,我们都是受过教育的人。”某次她的媳妇假装吃不下,却到巷口买咸酥鸡回家藏在房里大快朵颐。 “我又没有一定要她回家吃饭,何必苦着脸坐一旁呢?”

看来,到了现代,反而不会沟通、不讲真话的苦瓜脸媳妇更不受欢迎。 “童言无忌”对一个30岁以上的人来说,实在不是好习惯,但比起某些“说话太会斟酌”“骂人不带脏字”“仔细听来话里还带刺”“或好像受了很多委曲老装苦瓜脸”的人来说,童言无忌的女生比 较有人缘。

adapted from here

waffle on

Sister got a Multi Sandwich-Maker from her friends yesterday. It was an early birthday present.

You can put different cooking plates in it. Here it is with the waffle plates:

And this morning I woke up to this!

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sambal stingray and other stories

Karen and I went to kBox at kBox in Kallang Leisure Centre. I haven’t karaoked in two years! When we left the mall sometime after 6 pm, it was barely crowded – I wonder how shops there make money.

We then walked two Circle Line stations (they’re like right next to HDB flats) to Old Airport Road Food Centre. Passed familiar old places like the Kallang Netball Centre and the fast food joints across the road.

We had sambal stingray, stir fried veggies and prawn luak (as opposed to or luak, since neither of us likes oysters; they taste gross!) with rice. And sugar cane juice with lemon! Sugar cane juice always tastes better with lemon.

And we cleaned out everything! And I do mean everything! (Although I just realized we didn’t order that much.)  So we were super stuffed after that.

After dinner we sat and talked until we were almost completely surrounded by people who were smoking and drinking. :P

Somehow it’s really curious to realize that we’re all growing up and beginning the rest of rest of our lives……!

blueberry night

Supper: vanilla ice cream, topped with blueberry preserve grown and made in a farm somewhere in Nagano, Japan.

baked pasta

Lunch last Sunday: Mum made spaghetti with ham, mushrooms and cherry pasta, then sprinkled cheddar on top and popped it into the oven.

I just realized it looks rather messy; it tastes nicer than it looks, lol!

and some pumpkin

Wontons for lunch last Saturday.

The filling was minced pork mixed with diced mushroom, coriander, water chestnut and some pumpkin, cos there were no more carrots.

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I’ve had my lappie for almost four years but I discovered about a month ago that it has a voice recorder at the top of the screen.

And I had my first ever Skype conversation with Boss just now. The sound was crystal clear. The level of technology nowadays is simply amazing.

a chance of sunshine

Made my rounds at the stockists on Monday afternoon.

Second last stop was Tangs Orchard. Went to the security counter to get a supplier’s pass. When I handed my ezlink card over, the grumpy old security guard looked at it and asked, slightly surprised, ‘You’re still studying?’


Last stop was Tangs Paragon.  Chatted with the supervisor and temp staff on duty. The supervisor was having a bit of tummy trouble, and I must have brightened up her day because she declared that ‘you come ah, I feel better, you are like sunshine!’


When she found out that I had just returned from Japan, she said I look Japanese, and did anyone mistake me for one (actually someone did, but that is a story for another entry)? And both she and the temp staff can’t believe I’m 23 and think I look 20 or 21!!!


but who knows

Alice could not help laughing at this, even in the midst of her tears. ‘Can YOU keep from crying by considering things?’ she asked.

‘That’s the way it’s done,’ the Queen said with great decision: ‘nobody can do two things at once, you know. Let’s consider your age to begin with—how old are you?’

‘I’m seven and a half exactly.’

‘You needn’t say “exactually,”’ the Queen remarked: ‘I can believe it without that. Now I’ll give YOU something to believe. I’m just one hundred and one, five months and a day.’

‘I can’t believe THAT!’ said Alice.

‘Can’t you?’ the Queen said in a pitying tone. ‘Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.’

Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said: ‘one CAN’T believe impossible things.’

‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’

adapted from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

radio shows can help banish singlish

Read this ridiculous letter in my paper eons ago:

Radio shows can help banish Singlish

I REFER to the letter, “Citizens must play part in banishing Singlish” (my paper, May 25).

I agree strongly with the sentiments expressed.

Many people think that the accent makes Singlish what it is, but they have it wrong. It is the grammar and sentence structure that set Singlish apart.

Many adults take Singlish lightly, not aware that using it to communicate with their children would affect the kids’ essay- writing skills.

I urge all adults to be more mindful of their use of Singlish and stop imparting it to the young.

Last Tuesday night, I was at a clinic when I heard a woman tell her son: “Ask your dad to run fast, our number is going to be reached.”

That is the first time I have heard such a sentence. I would say: “Get your daddy here now, it will be our turn soon.”

The issue is not about the speed of running, but that it would soon be the family’s turn.

After I had seen the doctor, I went to a hawker centre and overheard a parent asking his children in Singlish: “What you want to call?”

He could have said “go order your food”, if the kids were ordering their meals, or said “what is your pick tonight”, if he was ordering for them.

Both incidents show that many adults speak Singlish to their children.

They have difficulty in constructing a sentence that makes sense.

This could be a sign that the working environment here is filled with people speaking Singlish.

After all, if you are in an environment where people speak English, you would feel inferior and would try to maintain your competency in English, and use it at home as well.

We may have many educated Singaporeans, but look at how incompetent in English we are.

Parents are concerned about their children’s education and invest in their studies.

However, all those investments would come to naught if Singlish surrounds the children all the time, from school to home. Their efforts would simply go down the drain.

Singlish need to be watched out for and banned.

We can save Singaporeans from being a laughing stock if more people are mindful about what they say, and are observant, so as to learn to pick up better- constructed phrases.

For that to work, our society needs to have more people speaking English to help Singlish speakers improve their English competency.

One way is to have radio stations broadcast Singlish- to-English translation programmes, where commonly used Singlish phrases, as well as their equivalent English phrases, are featured.

For instance, a Singlish utterance like “you wait for me first.

Later, after 10 minutes, I come back”, can be translated to “give me 10 minutes and I’ll be right back”.

Programmes on radio stations are a great way to reach out to people.


my paper, 1 June 2010

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dark horses

World Cup 2010 is turning out to be quite interesting when United States can draw England 1-1 and Mexico can beat France 2-0.

But then, that’s just how football is, always unexpected, isn’t it?

Not that I bother much about football anyway. :P

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