sambal stingray and other stories

Karen and I went to kBox at kBox in Kallang Leisure Centre. I haven’t karaoked in two years! When we left the mall sometime after 6 pm, it was barely crowded – I wonder how shops there make money.

We then walked two Circle Line stations (they’re like right next to HDB flats) to Old Airport Road Food Centre. Passed familiar old places like the Kallang Netball Centre and the fast food joints across the road.

We had sambal stingray, stir fried veggies and prawn luak (as opposed to or luak, since neither of us likes oysters; they taste gross!) with rice. And sugar cane juice with lemon! Sugar cane juice always tastes better with lemon.

And we cleaned out everything! And I do mean everything! (Although I just realized we didn’t order that much.)  So we were super stuffed after that.

After dinner we sat and talked until we were almost completely surrounded by people who were smoking and drinking. :P

Somehow it’s really curious to realize that we’re all growing up and beginning the rest of rest of our lives……!


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