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blueberries and sour cream

We had some blueberries and sour cream in the fridge. This afternoon Mum  said she was afraid they were going to spoil so she decided to make……

guess what!


the end of an era

About two weeks back, we decided, during one of our meetings, to pull out of C Boutique in Forum. Due to various factors, sales at this particular stockist have been poor for quite some time.

So yesterday I went down to C Boutique to collect our payment, deadstock, jewellery boxes, cleaning kits and the like.

A tiny part of me does think it’s a waste, because Boss and C Boutique go way back: when Boss started making semi-precious jewellery under a different label  in 2005, C Boutique was one of her stockists. So in a way it’s like the end of an era……

But I am not sad at all. Of course not! We’re now stocked at Sulin Serio (#B1-18 Tanglin Mall) and going to be stocked at another Orchard Road boutique very soon!

Onward forward!!!


Sent my weekly report on the stockists late last night / early this morning, and it was pretty much good news so Boss (who’s currently in New York) sent a reply that went like this:

guys, i am so so happy to read this. thank you so much!!! :) i miss you guys actually and wish that you were here with me.

How cute! I found this bit rather amusing really!

:D :D :D

going to bukit gombak

So HL and I decided to go hang out at MZ’s house on Monday afternoon. He lives in Bukit Gombak, which I’ve heard much about, but have never gone there before.

So after nearly an hour on the train, I got off at Bukit Gombak only to find myself in outer space. Just kidding. :P The station is surrounded by blocks and blocks of flats and seems like a really sleepy little place.

Managed to find MZ’s place without much difficulty, thanks to his expert directions. So I was telling them that this was the first time I’ve been to Bukit Gombak, and HL said, ‘When I told my mum I’m going to Bukit Gombak, she was like, where is that place?!’

I know Little Guilin’s somewhere around, so I asked them where it is, and they said it’s behind the nearby stadium. Still can’t wrap my mind around that fact: the stadium, then immediately behind it a deep ravine?!

MZ kept trying to make us watch this really old Russian comedy film which was in black and white, but every time he played it, his laptop began to lag, so that put paid to his attempts. So we watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid instead, which was quite amusing. MZ was appalled that we enjoy such movies. :P

After that HL left, but I stayed for dinner (bee hoon and fried chicken wings!) and watched Hot Tub Time Machine, which was really ridiculous but still quite funny.

Before I left, I borrowed not one or two but FOUR books from MZ’s shelves, much to his immense chagrin. :D

inflatable cephalopods and other stories

After my interview on Saturday, I did a little window shopping before going to meet Hui Lin and Ming Zhen for dinner.

There was a weekend market going on at the ground floor of Orchard Central. A couple of stalls were selling really cute and quirky accessories; go and check them out next week if you can!

Adorable inflatable cephalopods!

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reality tv

Sister’s gone to stay at the nearby fire station for the night as part of her emergency medicine module. She’s supposed to follow the ambulance if anyone calls for it. Sounds really exciting.

It’s really odd, since I’ve never wanted to be a doctor, but I find myself living vicariously through Sister and also Ma Cherie sometimes.

salmon rice

Salmon stirfried with chopped leeks on rice for lunch today! It may sound surprising but I love the taste of leeks!

Served with a side of  zucchini tempura! Crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside!


Had my first ever job interview (not in my life but more like since graduation :P) this afternoon.

It was held at one of T Boutique’s boutiques located in Orchard Central. When I got there, I immediately spotted two women speaking to another woman: the interviewers and candidate were sitting on chairs in a corner of the store. There were five or six other females ahead of me, and a couple more came after I did. Waited and waited and waited for more than an hour when my name was finally called.

Turns out that the interviewers were the owner of T Boutique herself and her daughter.  Handed them a copy of my resume and she was quite surprised to see that I was from NUS (?). So I told her I just graduated last week.

Then the boss went into one whole long spiel about wanting ‘the right person’, who should be someone with experience blah blah blah in a such a serious tone, that I couldn’t help but feel a little amused. At the end of her speech she gave me an overly big smile and I was like errr okay. And then she said, ‘……unless you can convince me to hire you.’ So naturally I told them I possess all the requirements that they stated in the job scope, except the knowledge of Photoshop. But they said that was quite important. Oh well. Anyway I told them I wrote exactly the same thing in my cover letter but I supposed they hadn’t read it – the daughter admitted that there were so many resumes she barely looked at the cover letters. :P

I did tell them that I was really more interested in positions in a couple of other departments, and the boss told her daughter to note it down.

Anyway it was a good interview; more like a chat really, and I was nervous for only about five seconds, and so:



Went to the nearby MRT station about an hour ago to meet a customer.  She wanted to exchange her larger jade ring for a smaller one.

She had brought one of her children along. He was in a pram, and squirming about. So she said, ‘Say hello to auntie!’ I was a little surprised but first time so never mind.

So we exchanged rings and chatted a bit, then said our goodbyes. And she told her son, ‘Say goodbye to auntie!’

I’ve been an aunt since the age of 10 but still:



Yesterday evening I opened the fridge and saw that there were quite a few slices of papaya so I suggested to my mum that we should (she should! :P) make 木瓜牛奶!

And this morning:

Freshly made papaya milkshake for breakfast!

What a nice way to start the day!!! :D

cultural imperialism

My mother has been watching too many Korean dramas. They inspire her to fill our fridge with Korean stuff like strawberries, kimchi and various bean sauces.

Anyway recently she bought this cute little black claypot and a bottle of chilli and bean sauce, and so……

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extremely flat

Mum made a cake yesterday.

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23 is a prime number

Snippet of an MSN convo with ZQ in the wee hours of 16 July :

unmei wo shinjiteru…..[is this for real?] says:
u shld change ur nick to “the graduate and the birthday girl”
happy birthday my dear

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
by the way i was not born at midnight
so i am still 22!

unmei wo shinjiteru…..[is this for real?] says:
erps >.<
so what time were u born?

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:

unmei wo shinjiteru…..[is this for real?] says:
so u were actually supposed to be a jul 15 baby!

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:

unmei wo shinjiteru…..[is this for real?] says:
coz u said u kept everyone up ma

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
i assume contractions began on the 15th

unmei wo shinjiteru…..[is this for real?] says:
wat was ur expected date of delivery anw

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
according to my repro health prof
contractions can be as long as 10 hrs
no idea
good question
i will ask my mum
but i doubt she rmb

So I asked my mum after I woke up. As expected, she replied, ‘二十多年前的事, how can I remember?’ But she added that I ‘came on time’ though!

yesterday i was twenty-two

…… and today I begin my twenty-fourth revolution around the sun.

Within five days of each other!

rephrasing that

After my shopping trip on Sunday, met the siblings for dinner at the food court of the nearby T Mall.

I had some kimchi chicken dish,

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