inflatable cephalopods and other stories

After my interview on Saturday, I did a little window shopping before going to meet Hui Lin and Ming Zhen for dinner.

There was a weekend market going on at the ground floor of Orchard Central. A couple of stalls were selling really cute and quirky accessories; go and check them out next week if you can!

Adorable inflatable cephalopods!

A Power Ranger waved at me!

Plopped down on a bench in Taka and waited for everyone. Kept yawning and almost fell asleep.

HL said she felt like reading new books so we went to Kinokuniya. MZ and I recommended all kinds of books but she kept rejecting all our recommendations! So, in a fit of exasperation, I said that if a book fell on her, she’d have to buy it. :P

I suggested that we have dinner at Hob Nob in Far East Shopping Centre, so we made our way there. It’s a cosy little cafe in a dilapidated old mall.

Hui Lin sees the light.

MZ’s baked dory fish fillet.

HL’s grilled fish fillet with caviar sauce.

And my pork cordon bleu.

What can be more be more satisfying than crispy and juicy pieces of meat with warm rice? Wasn’t a fan of the mushroom gravy though. And I wish my pork cutlet was a little bigger.

Anyhow we unanimously agreed that MZ’s fish was the nicest, except MZ himself. :P

After that we went to Borders so that HL could continue her search for that perfect book. She continued to ignore our suggestions. :P We were standing next to a table full of books when suddenly a copy of Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns dropped at her feet! FINALLY!!! :D But she refused to buy it and bought some other ‘trashy’ (her word, not mine) book instead. :P

Hob Nob Cafe Bar
545 Orchard Road
Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882
+65 6734 0474


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