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on the sales floor

Tangs kicked off its sales period with a closed-door sales event at Tang + Co Orchard, open only to Citibank cardmembers, this evening. So I went down to man our counter. For the first time! And alone too!

The sale started at 5 pm, but I got there only at 6, and was there until their 9.30 pm closing time. Smiled and greeted customers, asked if they would like to try our jewellery and entertained their inquiries.

The total turnout was probably less than one quarter for the one generated by the previous Tang + Co event I attended. During the lulls, I entertained myself by helping the cashiers scan items.

Sold one pair of earrings and a ring during the time I was there. That was about $600 in sales! :D

By the time I got home I was totally exhausted.


what is real

Went to this jeweller’s at Lucky Plaza last Friday afternoon to pick up some jewellery I had sent for replating. They look as good as new! :)

They also happen to sell replicas of Chanel interlocking Cs jewellery so I asked them how much the pair of interlocking C‘s ear studs cost. The replica studs are about half the size of the genuine Chanel studs (JJ bought a pair some time ago), but cost $350, $150 more than the Chanel ones. This is because the replicas are made of gold and diamonds, whereas the Chanel ones are made of a cheaper metal and crystals.

I was pondering this and suddenly realized: the real shop sells fakes, and the fake shop sells reals! Which amused me greatly.



as august ends

Happy birthday Karen!!!

To many more food and kBox adventures ahead!!! :D

states of mind

Was walking home quite some time ago when I suddenly recalled The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde.

In the novella, the Otises, an American family, move into the stately Canterville Chase, which happens to be haunted by a ghost. Mr and Mrs Otis have four children, the eldest son, Washington; the second daughter, Virginia; followed by a pair of twin boys, known as ‘The Star and Stripes’. The twin boys are never named explicitly, so I wondered what their real names could be.

After looking at a list of the states in America, I guess they were probably called North and South Dakota? There’s also North and South Carolina, but that’s probably too feminine. So I’m going with Dakota, which is a unisex name. Although the most famous Dakota (Fanning) in the world is female! Haha.

eyebrows and elsewhere

Unwanted hair grows faster than Olympic sprinters! Boo!

emily of emerald hill

Just finished reading the play Emily of Emerald Hill by Stella Kon. The introduction says that the play is about two hours long, but I took only a little time to finish both acts.

I was actually expecting something much more dramatic, but the play is simply about the life and times of a Peranakan woman. In any case, it’s a play, so it’s probably much better rendered on stage than in print.


Have been eating quite a lot of red-fleshed dragonfruit lately (don’t know why but my mum said she doesn’t like the white-fleshed ones), and the Wikipedia article on dragonfruit says:

Ingestion of significant amounts of red-fleshed dragon fruit (such as Costa Rica Pitaya) may result in pseudohematuria, a harmless reddish discoloration of the urine and faeces.

So I was telling Ma Cherie about this on MSN yesterday night, and she replied that ‘beets also’ and ‘rifampicin the tb drug’ also cause the same thing. Very informative, dear, thank you! :D

a very slow monday afternoon

I love the ending of 《连城诀》 (especially the very last line, which I’ve bolded!), even though much of the book is bleak and brutal and not my cup of tea:










Oh No It’s Monday!!!

rainy night

Wet tar is luminous in the yellow glow of the streetlights……


Was going to school for the FASS Mentorship Dinner yesterday evening when I bumped into Gabriel.

So we were chatting on the bus and he asked me where I lived. I told him, and he immediately asked, ‘Why didn’t you go Tampines JC?’

Finally, something somewhat different from the one I usually get, which is: ‘Why didn’t you go RJ?’

peanut butter cups

Checked Candy Empire at VivoCity some time ago and they told me that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups had been out of stock for six months.

Was telling HL on Saturday that I should have asked her to bring some back when she returned from the States. I love them because I love chocolate and I love peanut butter.

So she told me to import and sell them, and I said I’d think about it.

And when I was at the mall yesterday afternoon, I was both amazed and amused to see that a Hershey’s store is going to open soon! Someone stole my business idea! Boo!!!

But anyway I hope they bring in lots of peanut butter cups!!!


Went shopping with Hui Lin at Taka on Saturday. We were looking at clothes from fashion.LAB when this sales assistant auntie suddenly exclaimed, ‘You two twins ah?’

Then HL went into the changing room, and I was hanging around outside. The auntie came up to me and asked if I was sunburnt and I was completely ?????? because everyone knows I avoid the sun even more than a vampire.  Turned out that it was just the blush I was wearing. She said the ‘红粉’ looked very nice and natural and asked me what brand it was (Clinique).

This must be what people mean when they say sunkissed. Haha.

back issues

Am currently collating a list of American media contacts.

Gotta love this snippet from Vanity Fair’s Contact page:

If you can’t remember the date of the issue in which a particular story appeared, please call 212-286-8180, and we will try to help you. All requests for back issues should be sent to You can also call 800-365-0635 for issues dating from January 1999. Any other back issues: please go to a chiropractor.

bubble tea

After delivering stock to the Tangs warehouse in Tanjong Pagar on Tuesday afternoon, I went down to People’s Park to get some cloth.

After that I decided to go in search of the People’s Park branch of Koi Cafe. Found it without much trouble. (I couldn’t find the Bishan one when I was at Junction 8 the other time.) And the best thing? I had heard of their infamous long queues and longer waiting times, but there were about half a dozen people ahead of me, so I only had to wait less than 10 minutes for my bubble tea.  I had hazelnut milk tea with 50% sugar. The milk tea is thick, creamy and not too sweet, and the pearls are chewy. It’s good! But fattening!!!

Now I can proudly announce that I am up to date because I have finally tried Koi bubble tea! :P

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