z is for zaffran

Ages ago in June, some time after I came back from grad trip, Ahgong said he would treat me to dinner cos he had borrowed some uni textbooks of mine for years! We were trying to decide where to go, and had ruled out pretty much every single cuisine, when I recalled this restaurant that I’d read about in the Straits Times.

And so off to Zaffran we went!

We reached the restaurant around 6.30 pm or so. Its interior was completely darkened and one waiter had his head on a table in a corner. At first we thought they were closed for the day! We went inside anyway and asked him if they were closed, waking him up. They weren’t closed! It was just early! We sat down in another corner and they turned on the lights.

We ordered tikka masala (chicken), aloo gobi (vegetables) and Bengali fish (fish, obviously). Ahgong ordered a basket of naan and I, a ‘set meal’, which consisted of a basket of pappadums, a basket of chappati and free flow of briyani rice.

He had a mug of hot milk tea and I ordered a glass of iced ginger masala tea. My tea tasted like liquid gingerbread!

Ahgong’s perspective!

My perspective!

The pappadums were studded with bits of black pepper which gave its taste a little edge.

The dishes were delicious. The fish was super hot so Ahgong was sweating profusely and kept drinking a lot of water. Very comical. So I laughed at him.

Halfway through the battery of my Ixus went flat so I continued taking photos with my phone. -_-”’

The last chappati……

The briyani!

When the waiter brought the huge bowl of briyani to our table, I was pretty surprised to see that the rice was still pretty white, and nothing like the orange stuff you get elsewhere. I took a tentative bite, and…… IT WAS VERYVERYVERY NICE!!! I’ve never had anything like it. I would have asked for another helping had I not had a whole basket of chappatis to finish!

They had pretty good service actually, the waiters keep refilling our water bottles and asking us if we wanted anything.

While we were there, only three other tables were occupied. (During our first hour there, there was nobody else. So Ahgong and I were saying that we could hold someone’s party there and tell them that we had booked the entire place haha!) So you probably won’t need to make a reservation for dinner. If you’re on a budget, order the ‘set meal’ (definitely not for those on low-carb diets!) and vegetable dishes!

PS Ahgong’s away in Europe for his exchange trip now! Bring back a pebble for me!!! :D

32 Maxwell Road
Maxwell Chambers
+65 6225 5352


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