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just do it

If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.

Ivan Turgenev


journey of a thousand miles

Ordered something for the first time from Shopbop on Tuesday night.

Had a fun time monitoring my package’s progress.

My package has been to all sorts of places I haven’t! :P

And finally, three days and a thousand miles later, my well-travelled package ended its journey and came into my possession at 3.34 pm on Friday. :)

/edit Dec 1 2010 Unfortunately I eventually returned the dress because its green colour was quite different from the stock photo.

on the top of a hill

Spent about a quarter of Monday participating in selection tests for positions at a certain ministry located in Tanglin.

This ministry is located in a quiet cul-de-sac on top of a low hill, set just a little away from a busy main road. The rambling old colonial building has been refurbished, and is surrounded by lush greenery. Inside, its walls are panelled with stone and its floors, with wood.

But of course you wouldn’t find the view amazing if you worked there every day. :P

growing up, moving on

My brother got his enlistment letter today!!!

OH he’s really growing up!!!

growing up, moving on

Went to school today to pick up some stuff. Had lunch with Jaspar at the Deck. Ate char siew and roasted duck rice with veggies in oyster sauce and soup from the new roasted meat stall (which replaced the Sichuan stall). Not too bad, but portions could have be bigger. After that, hung out in the Central Library and enjoyed the air-con.

AH I really miss going to school! :P

pressing on

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

those golden days

My ex-jewellery company started off doing bespoke orders for private clients and only branched into ready-to-wear some time later. Anyway, a few months ago Boss (or Ex-boss :P) announced that our sales from ready-to-wear had outstripped sales from bespoke orders. And on my last day, she said that sales from ready-to-wear had increased tremendously since I joined the company. :D

One last look at our jewellery placed at our stockists!

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yummy mummies

Don’t these mummy cookies look so adorable?

Click here for the recipe!

Perfect for Halloween, or even…… Mother’s Day!!!

green ideas

In 1957, Noam Chomsky coined the sentence ‘Colorless green ideas sleep furiously’, as evidence that syntax was independent of semantics, since the sentence was perfectly grammatical but perfectly meaningless. (But obviously I don’t buy that notion, being a fervent Hallidayan myself.)

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honourable mention

Received a very surprising sms from P yesterday afternoon:

Yosuke mentioned your peasant as political antithesis of elites thesis in class today, pronounced your name dennis



le petit nicolas

Had an interview somewhere in Dhoby Ghaut this morning, and was done in less than half an hour. So I walked to Cathay, had lunch (a somewhat disappointing New York Pizza) and decided to go watch a movie. Wanted to watch Life As We Know It, but eventually settled on a French movie, Little Nicholas (originally titled Le Petit Nicolas).

spoiler warning!

plough away

During my fourth yoga lesson on Monday, the instructor taught us the plough pose. I’ve never done this pose before, and hence I had some difficulty in executing it, so she came and helped me push my legs into position. Having my head below my heels made my blood (brain?) pulse strangely; it was a very curious sensation indeed!

maf ’10!

Thanks to my detour for dinner, I missed my grand-to-the-nth-degree-juniors’ lion dance performance at my JC’s Mid-Autumn Festival on 11 September, for the first time in seven years! (Yes I’ve been to every single MAF since J1 (2004).) But I didn’t really beat myself up for missing it, haha.

more than a month late but better late than never! :P

farewell lunch

Since Friday was my last day, Boss decided to treat my colleague K and I to lunch at Everything with Fries.

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last day

Last day as an intern at CYL Artisan Jewellery!

I started literally the day after my last exam. Have been working for five months: the longest I’ve stayed with any company! Someone give me a long service award already! :P

And now I’m truly free of the shackles of both school and work! Retirement beckons! :D

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