fine cuts

After I got the ruffly black dress from Bysi, decided to go have lunch. Went around the Central checking out all the F&B places and finally settled on a tiny no-frills joint called Fine Cuts. It’s a butchery-cum-cafe, so you can buy various meats to go or eat in.

Since I was on an austerity drive, I ordered pork chops, about the cheapest thing on their menu. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the wait staff brought a bowl of soup and a glass of drink to my table. It wasn’t explicitly stated on the menu but apparently all (?) main courses came with a soup and lemonade.

The soup was a little salty. Finished all of it but still couldn’t figure out what exactly it was. Asked the wait staff and he told me it was asparagus soup! OHHHHHH. Haha.

And finally my main course arrived! The pork was pretty good: some parts were pretty juicy although other parts were too chewy. Loved eating the streaks of fat! :D

The meal wasn’t spectacular, but for $7.25 ($6.80 and 10% GST), it’s definitely value for money!

Fine Cuts
8 Eu Tong Sen Street

The Central
Singapore 059818
+65 6224 2101


2 Responses to “fine cuts”

  1. 1 auntielucia Saturday, 9 October, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Oh wow! At this price, definitely something for Auntie Scrooge here to KIV next time I’m in Central!

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