practice makes perfect

Mum insisted insisted that we all come home for dinner on 17 September, cos she said she was gonna cook something special.

So when I got home that evening, this was waiting for me:

This was actually the Korean version of okonomiyaki, which my mum had learnt to cook from a Youtube video. I’m not sure what it’s called, but Wikipedia says it’s jeon. My mum’s version contains ingredients like julienned spring onions and cucumbers and diced prawns and squids.

It looks kinda chopped up, cos Mum didn’t know how to cook it, and small, cos she had eaten part of it.

She had set some batter aside for a second pancake:

Round 2 was much better-looking, since Mum had figured out how to cook it nicely:

Yum yum!

My brother was disobedient and didn’t come home for dinner so he missed this! :P


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