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Now that 2010 is finally winding down to a close (in just a couple of hours really!), it’s a very good time to do a (hopefully) quick wrap up of the year.

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now i know how nurses feel

Snippet of an MSN conversation with ZQ:

cheekies says:
can i ask u sth

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:

cheekies says:
is this job supposed to be one step closer to ur dream of marrying a rich doctor?  :D


I received a grand total of one Christmas card this year. It came from faraway Netherlands, and was sent by Ahgong. It was also a couple of days late, but better late than never. He wrote tons of stuff inside and this part made me lol in real life:

By the way, might have to disappoint but I have not come across any rocks/pebbles/stones worth bringing back, unless you want a bottle of water presented to you as a bottle of posthumous snow.

Posthumous snow! It’s the thought that counts! So thank you Ahgong!


This blog garnered 113 page views yesterday!

That’s definitely a new high!

all grown up

Discussing how to layout an article with our newsletter designer makes me feel all grown up.

Well, just a little bit, anyway! :P

paperweights for pork lovers

This is a stall selling ‘meat stones’ in the Confucius Cemetery and Temple in Qufu, Shandong, China. Taken by Gabriel on his recent travels in northern China. Thanks G!

transparency and translucency

About five minutes ago……

Mum was watching tv and Brother went and stood in her line of vision.

Mum: Are you transparent?!
Brother: Some parts of me are translucent.
Me: Which?
Brother: The edges of my teeth.

a little self-promotion

The December 2010 issue of SMA News is out. Read it here!

you learn something new every day

The medical term for runny nose is rhinorrhea.

eye power

We upload PDFs of articles from our newsletter onto our website every month. So this morning my boss asked me to check if our website designer had done so for this month’s.

My boss looked at the webpage from her seat about a metre away, and  immediately noticed that the spacing between the first two links was smaller than the spacings between the remaining links!

Honestly it’s not something most people would notice. So I called up our web designer and explained the situation to him, and he replied, ‘I don’t see any difference.’ So I passed the phone to my boss who explained to him that there was indeed a difference. Lol.

Obviously my boss has bionic eyes!!!

you learn something new every day

Did you know that the pale half-moon shaped part located at the base of your nail cuticle is called the lunula?

boxing day

Five more days till the end of the year……!!!

christmas cocktail

Cointreau Bubbles


– 40 ml Cointreau
– juice from a large lime
– can of tonic water


Mix all ingredients well. Serve with ice.

recipe adapted from here

Bitter but refreshing!

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! :D

fifth day of work

Spent Christmas Eve in the office.

Having a slice of log cake certainly helped!

Read old issues of SMA News to get a feel of the publication.

Then drafted out thank you letters to those who contributed articles to our December issue.

Amused myself by conjuring up sentences like, ‘There is no doubt that our readers will find the content to be interesting, insightful and informative, and possibly even inspire some to visit these two places.’ (You gotta love the alliteration!)

And the best thing about spending Christmas Eve in the office is that……. it’s half day!!! :D

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