the moth

Late the previous Tuesday night (8 February) we were all attending Nainai’s (my paternal granny) wake when my mum noticed that a green moth with an unusual pattern landed on one of the yellow drapes decorating the 灵堂.

She immediately called my cousin P to come take a look, then told everyone else, who all went over to take a closer look. Apparently my mum had spoken to the moth, asking after it, and it nodded its head. Then the moth received huge amounts of attention: some of my relatives spoke to it, hoping to get a response, and everyone whipped out their cameraphones and took photos of it from all angles.

Obviously, the rational part of me protested vehemently inside. But then, if it makes people feel better in their grief, then they should believe whatever they want.

The drapes had Chinese characters embroidered on them, and I was surprised that nobody made a fuss about the fact that the moth had, of all the various characters, landed on the character 我.

I forgot about that soon after, but mentioned it to my mum a few days ago. She was pretty amazed and said that she hadn’t noticed. And apparently no one else did. Tsk, such unobservance! :P


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