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all in a day’s work

I’m very amused by the fact that I’m probably the only one in the entire office who has a valid reason to be surfing Facebook during office hours, because I’ve been tasked with establishing our official presence on the social networking site.

And I tell you, it’s a one real challenging task! :P


on soap in hospitals

Snippet of an MSN conversation with the-almost-Dr Tan this afternoon:

[::.aurora.constance.vienna.genevieve.aeric.reuben.::] says:
jack up the prices lor. haha. u see the 7-11 selling tampons and toiletries but the shampoo costs like 8 bucks. like O.o
patients buy out of sheer desperation hahahaha

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
eh, hospital dun provide?!

<< N.A.N.A. >>       [upholds her love and trust and faith in Him alone.]  [::.aurora.constance.vienna.genevieve.aeric.reuben.::] says:
b2 and c class must use communal supplies
i.e. the installed on the wall, super drying, one function fits all soap/shampoo/face wash

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
just use lor

<< N.A.N.A. >>       [upholds her love and trust and faith in Him alone.]  [::.aurora.constance.vienna.genevieve.aeric.reuben.::] says:
hahahaha but terrible mah. wash alr like never wash

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:
but still
eh wait
then a class leh?
they give u organic shampoo ah

<< N.A.N.A. >>       [upholds her love and trust and faith in Him alone.]  [::.aurora.constance.vienna.genevieve.aeric.reuben.::] says:
hahahaha bottled in a tiny thimble-like bottle…… the best of…… the same wall-pump soap.

~ * j u n * ~ [ the princess of peach blossom island ] says:

<< N.A.N.A. >>       [upholds her love and trust and faith in Him alone.]  [::.aurora.constance.vienna.genevieve.aeric.reuben.::] says:
it’s the placebo effect. they’re lulled into thinking they get better soap cos it comes in a bottle so small that their poor eyesight and weak grip makes it impossible to extract any of the 5 pathetic drops of soap
hence forcing them to use… u guessed it! the wall soap

reptilian tendencies

Just now when I walked into my office compound, I spotted a lizard sunbathing on the stone edge of a grass patch, and moved towards it. Naturally it disappeared into the bushes.

Then I saw another lizard crossing the carpark, and proceeded to chase it.

marching on

Copies of SMA News March 2011 are in the house!

You can also read this issue online here!

a little distraction

Our executive director Dr L came down to our office on Tuesday. I heard him enter the server room-cum-spare office, which is located near my workstation. Suddenly, I turned around, and spotted a little fellow padding behind him.

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I do find people patronise me a little, but no matter what age you are, if you’re a professional, then you’re a professional.

Chloe Moretz (14 year old American actor)

slip of the eye

For a split second I thought increment was ice cream cement!

taking a break

Am down with flu, so I’ve taken MC (two days!) from work for the first time in my life.

(Yes, there is indeed a first time for everything!)

I’m quite happy really, cos I’ve picked a great time to fall ill.

Now sitting by my lappie answering work emails -_-”’,  and waiting for my medicine’s drowsy side effects to kick in……

on a roll

Annnd…… we’ve gone to print this afternoon!!! :D

you must do the thing you think you cannot do

Boss said a couple of weeks back that I probably wouldn’t be able to send the March issue for printing by the 22nd, but I did.

Stayed back till 7 pm yesterday and made it happen.

Gotta thank my graphic designer CX and my printer J who stayed back with me in their respective workplaces.

It’s 9.30 am now and the colourproofs are in the house! :)

green, black and white

Yesterday evening my brother went out for dinner at Downtown East with his friends. He wore a dark green tee, white berms and a black cap.

Raffles colours! I was very amused. 

something i would totally say


蒙古大军攻略而来,距襄阳尚有数百里之遥,但尼摩垦等一千武士谍探,却已先抵襄阳城外四周。这一晚他原拟在羊太傅庙中歇宿。却在庙外听得了郭芙姊妹 的对答,不由得大喜若狂,心想郭靖虽非襄阳城守主帅,但襄阳的得失实系于此人,若将他两个爱女俘获了去,纵不能逼他降服,却也可扰乱他的心神,实是大大的一件奇功。他听郭芙认出了自己,说道:“郭大姑娘眼力好的,多年不见,你长得更加好看的。大家免伤和气,这就乖乖随我去的!”




(The bolded line, of course!)

is there a west?

One of my favouritest essays on culture. First read it way back in J1, and finally located an official copy online today……!

is there a west?

mind over matter

Zara has such infinitely covetable clothes that it took me all the willpower I had to return everything to the sales assistant (who looked kinda disappointed ;) ) and leave the shop empty-handed.

But I’ll be back. Definitely. I’ll be back.


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