meat bone tea

Extremely belated entry but better late than never!

The last ‘first thing’ I did in 2010 was to eat……

……bak kut teh!!!

So after my half day of work on Dec 31 2010, met Hui Lin for lunch at this bak kut teh place, called Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, in Clarke Quay, opposite the Central. It actually has two outlets along the same road, one’s a coffeeshop at the corner, and the other is an airconditioned joint in the middle. We went to the airconditioned one. In any case it was HL’s decision. :P

We ordered a medium-sized bowl of bak kut teh, xiao bai cai in oyster sauce and youtiao. While we were waiting for our food, I told HL that I had never eaten bak kut teh before, and she !!!!!! in sheer amazement.

The pork ribs weren’t too bad, and the soup was nice and peppery. But as I had never eaten bak kut teh before, I couldn’t really gauge the standard of Songfa’s.

And alas, they didn’t reheat the youtiao so that they were all nice and crispy! :P (Crystal Jade does that for the youtiao it serves in its porridge!)

I love pork ribs, but I think I prefer them prepared in other ways, because the point of bak kut teh is not so much the meat, but the soup! :P

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
17 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059383
+65 6438 2858


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