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thursday morning

It’s 9.40 am, the sky is really dark, and it’s raining cats, dogs and Tyrannosarus rexes……


happy birthday

Happy birthday to the sister!

Though why she requested a tiramisu cake is beyond me – it was nice but hers are nicer! And more alcoholic too! ;)

completely random

While I was walking to the MRT station this morning, I met an old grandma wearing funky plastic black and grey specs.

thought of the day

Impossible is nothing.

kate spade

From Kate Spade’s humorous page on product FAQs:

what should i do if my dog chews through the handle of my handbag?
we invite you to contact kate spade customer service with any questions pertaining to unusual situations. we make every effort to address these unique circumstances with thoughtfulness and efficiency, whenever possible.

shanghai tang

If you know what a banana is, then you will know what an egg is.

I’ve always felt that Shanghai Tang is where eggs go to shop.

But I still love their stuff anyway!

happy birthday

Happy birthday Ahgong!!!

Dimsum sometime! Let’s go at night for maximum entertainment value! :D

the solitary diner

The solitary diner, the solitary dinner……

Had a very leisurely and peaceful dinner at Cedele after work on Friday.

Had a ham and brie sandwich.

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curiouser and curiouser

Got my first ever box of name cards this afternoon.

Finally, a fully paid up, card carrying (literally!) member of the workforce.

A very curious feeling indeed! :P

and suddenly

…… it’s June already.

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