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rings and things

Met Zhiqi for brunch on Sunday, 10 April. We wanted to try Food For Thought in Queen Street, but when we got there, it was completely filled. They said the wait would probably be around an hour, so we walked down the street and popped into TCC at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts instead.

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an evening at mbs

On Friday, colleague N and I decided to go window shop at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Prior to that day, I hadn’t been there before, nor have I ever visited Resorts World Sentosa. Yes, mountain turtle I am.

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achievement unlocked

Shortly after I started my working life in December 2010, I set myself these admittedly lofty goals:

10k by 24
100k by 25
1000k by 26

(These figures do not take into account my Central Provident Fund monies.)

I’m glad to announce that this month, I turned 24, and also achieved the first goal, 10k by 24!

Now for the next one!!!

a pop of colour

Mannequins in Zara, Great World City, 18 May 2011.

I have that skirt in pink! And those blouses? I have them in white, pink and orange! ;)

kindly read this

Every time I see a sign, an email or whatever, which says, ‘Kindly xxx……’, I can’t help but feel amused.

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ketchup catches up

Read a version of this article in the Straits Times today:

Sauce of inspiration:

Ketchup goes artisanal

Michelle Locke

There’s a seasonal shift going on in the condiment firmament. Ketchup, the big red staple of American pantries, is catching up with the cool crowd as chefs and food entrepreneurs seek new inspiration.

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food metaphors

After finishing our dinner at Din Tai Fung on Tuesday, Kanghao, Ahgong and I lingered at the table talking cock.

Somehow, the conversation turned to which zhi char dishes best represented the three of us. Apparently, I’m sweet and sour pork, Kanghao is yam ring and Ahgong is claypot rice (which is, in my honest opinion, not really a zhi char dish :P).

And the reasons for choosing these food metaphors?

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a birthday treat

The  two KHs, Ahgong and Kanghao, treated me a to belated birthday dinner at Din Tai Fung in Wisma Atria on Tuesday!

We didn’t order a lot; the portions were just nice anyway……

Kanghao’s 炸酱面 (zha jiang mian or noodles with minced pork in bean sauce)!


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post-birthday celebration

Our office organizes a small birthday celebration every month, and today we held the celebration for those born in July – L, MS and me! It was actually a pre-birthday celebration for L and MS, but post-birthday one for me, since my bithday was actually three days ago.

Our HR, GE, had previously asked us what cake we wanted. MS said she doesn’t eat coffee cakes, L was said anything, so I did a bit of research and suggested getting the Flourless Chocolate Cake (since everyone likes chocolate!) from Coffee Bean.

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After my birthday brunch, HL, Amanda and I walked over to Raffles City. We went around the basement, checking out the various bakeries, as I wanted to get a birthday cake.

In the end, I settled on the chocolate rum and cherry cake from Awfully Chocolate. Got the girl serving me to ice a special message on the cake. ;)

Later that evening, after a dinner of homemade steamed crab, I cut my cake!!!

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off the rails

Why rail track removal must start on Monday

WE THANK Mr Rodney Tan (“Don’t be in a hurry to dismantle rail tracks”; Tuesday) for his letter on the former railway land.

As agreed with Malaysia, Singapore has to disassemble and remove the railway tracks and ancillary structures and hand them over to Malaysia by Dec 31.

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Yesterday I was 23 and today I begin my 25th revolution around the sun. :)

harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2

My designer CX said that they had an extra ticket for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 preview on Wednesday night, but she couldn’t make it, so would I like to go instead? I said yes, and MRTed down to Lido to meet her colleague JW.

spoiler warning!!!

counting down the days

One more day!!!!!! :)


Exactly a year ago I began the rest of my life…..

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