think pink

Accessorized my white blouse and pink skirt from Zara with my pink Lanvin for H&M necklace today.

Halfway on the train home, I managed to get a seat. Had only sat down for about ten minutes when this chubby young woman, wearing a long dress with thin black and white stripes and a rope necklace made of bright orange seed beads, on my left suddenly turned to me and said, ‘Your necklace is very pretty, where did you get it?’

‘Oh…… Lanvin for H&M.’

I guessed she did not know what Lanvin was as she only visibly brightened up when I mentioned ‘H&M’. But I was too tired to explain, so……

‘H&M? In Hong Kong?’

‘No, I got someone to get it for me in Germany.’

‘Oh I see…… well I’ll wait for H&M to open in Singapore then!’

‘Actually, this is was from quite long ago.’


Now that random strangers are approaching me to ask about my necklace, I can only kowtow to Alber Elbaz and declare that he is sheer genius. :D


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