After my birthday brunch, HL, Amanda and I walked over to Raffles City. We went around the basement, checking out the various bakeries, as I wanted to get a birthday cake.

In the end, I settled on the chocolate rum and cherry cake from Awfully Chocolate. Got the girl serving me to ice a special message on the cake. ;)

Later that evening, after a dinner of homemade steamed crab, I cut my cake!!!

I think the girl who iced the letters on my cake didn’t realize that XXIV were the Roman numerals for 24, haha. (She added the full stop on her accord because she’d written the numerals a bit off centre.)

Two dozen years old!!!

The cake was moist, chocolatey and delicious, but alas, not alcoholic enough! :P

The first birthday cake I bought for myself (ie, with my own money) was a Four Leaves chocolate cake for my little 21st birthday party in July 2008. I got the staff at the bakery to write ‘finally, finally, twenty-one!!!’ in the International Phonetic Alphabet (but she missed an !, bleah). A message completely befitting of a linguistics major!!!

And so, I told myself that from that cake onwards, every cake that I buy will always carry a quirky message.  (I didn’t have a birthday cake in 2009, but I had one in 2010.)

Tell me who else would set irreverent aims like this??? Truly, the quintessential little eastern heretic!!! :D


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