food metaphors

After finishing our dinner at Din Tai Fung on Tuesday, Kanghao, Ahgong and I lingered at the table talking cock.

Somehow, the conversation turned to which zhi char dishes best represented the three of us. Apparently, I’m sweet and sour pork, Kanghao is yam ring and Ahgong is claypot rice (which is, in my honest opinion, not really a zhi char dish :P).

And the reasons for choosing these food metaphors?

Sweet and sour pork: 因为和我在一起,只有酸甜,没有苦辣. Haha! And why pork, not fish? (Sweet and sour fish is another zhi char dish.) Kanghao said it is because pork, when compared to fish, 比较厚实,更有实在感.

Yam ring: because Kanghao is like a fortress, difficult to penetrate but full of treasures inside once one succeeds.

Claypot rice: the ingredients are arranged layer by layer, and similarly, Ahgong 很有层次感.

So there you have it!

PS And here is a rather interesting article on food metaphors.



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