an evening at mbs

On Friday, colleague N and I decided to go window shop at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Prior to that day, I hadn’t been there before, nor have I ever visited Resorts World Sentosa. Yes, mountain turtle I am.

To get to MBS, we took a long picturesque walk from City Hall MRT. There was a National Day Parade rehearsal taking place on the floating platform, and boats manned by soldiers were tugging gigantic coloured clamshell props to the stage. We overheard a Filipino man declare, ‘For making oyster omelette!’

After dinner at TCC (we both had sandwiches and N also had soup), we started our window shopping.

My main intention of visiting MBS was to check out British jewellery brand Mawi, stocked at the newly opened Robinsons store, and it so happened that it was just next door to TCC! So Robinsons became our first stop. I found the Mawi jewellery, but alas, they only had a terribly limited range of about six pieces!

I tried on this gold-plated Mawi necklace that was made of spikes and embedded with garnets. N commented that ‘it can kill people!’ It was a pretty heavy piece and very very me. :) I liked it, but not the price tag. :P

There were so many designer stores it didn’t feel like Singapore. We went into places like Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci. (To my disappointment, Yves Saint Laurent was CLOSED! :( ) We also visited most of the jewellery stores located at an somewhat odd area, near the casino’s entrance for foreigners. N said it was because only rich foreign gamblers would buy such jewellery.

Most of the stores were open past 10 pm but were pretty empty, as far as we could see. An article in the Straits Times on Thursday titled ‘Record operational profit at MBS’ reported that MBS has announced its strongest quarterly profit since opening a year ago.

Honestly, if you visited just the shops at MBS, that announcement would certainly seem rather suspect!

And indeed, the report goes on to say that ‘bumper growth in both its gaming and non-gaming businesses – such as its landmark hotel – drove up second quarter operational profit by 42 per cent to US$405.4 million (S$487.7 million) compared to the first quarter.’

I can’t help but wonder what percentage of its profit came from rental of shop space?


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