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happy birthday

Happy birthday Karen!!! Dim sum soon!!! xxx


great minds think alike

Heh auntielucia agrees with me! Excerpt from her latest blog post:

Finally, my riposte to those who keep yada-yadaing that two thirds of Singaporeans didn’t vote Dr Tony Tan, the president-elect, is to ask them to look at the numbers this way:

Tan Kin Lian: 2,011,257 Singaporeans didn’t want him to be president.

Tan Jee Say: 1,585,456 Sgreans didn’t want him to be president.

Tan Cheng Bock: 1,378,060 Sgreans didn’t want him to be president.

Tony Tan Keng Yam: 1,370, 791 Sgreans didn’t want him to be president.

So you party poopers, eat your hearts out! All the other Tan-candidates have far more Sgreans not wanting them to go to the Istana than the president-elect! :razz: :razz:

In any case, it’s more than unreasonable to expect anywhere near a million votes for the Istana seat when there are as many as four candidates, and all credible, based on the PEC’s ruling.

When was there a four-corner fight with credible candidates in our election for Parliamentary seats? Certainly not at the last general election!

And even if the president-elect does corner up to half the number of votes available, it could still be said that half of Sgporeans don’t want him to be their president!

That’s natural when there’s electoral competition. And in the nature of democracy, we must abide by the candidate who manages to garner the most support, even if it’s just a majority of 1. Given this possibility, a 7,000+ majority must be considered both credible and conclusive, no ifs, buts or humiliation, Economist! :razz: X 3

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in the wake of the presidential election

And so Dr Tony Tan has been elected as the seventh president of Singapore.

He won 35.2% of the votes (744397), beating runner-up Dr Tan Cheng Bock (34.8%, 737128) by a razor-thin 7269 votes. Tan Jee Say came in third (25%, 529732), which was a pretty respectable showing for a relative newbie, and Tan Kin Lian was last (4.9%, 103931), and lost his $48000 electoral deposit.

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may the best tan win

Today is the Polling Day for the presidential election!

Just voted about half an hour ago at 4 pm.

When the official was checking my name in the register of electors, I realized most people in my neighbourhood had already voted.

But to me there’s nothing to kancheong about, since the polling stations are open for 12 hours till 8 pm tonight!

rainy friday morning

It’s a wet grey morning……

And wearing black pants, black shoes, black bag and black watch……

Luckily the vibrant green silk blouse I had on added a much-needed pop of colour!!!

very punny

Something which has been making rounds in local cyberspace in recent days:

On 27 August, make sure you vote the right Tan. If not, you may end up with a 笨Tan, or worse, a 坏Tan who will 捣Tan and Singapore will be 完Tan!!!

completely random

Today I suddenly missed school very much.

the four tans

To put it simply – unfortunately, none of them convince me.

sweet teeth

Earlier this year I had soya bean milk completely without sugar for the first time ever.

A couple of months later I had it again, to see if my initial assertions about the unsweetened drink were unfounded.

Alas, they were not – the drink still tasted as chalky and crappy as the first time round!!!

No wonder people add sugar to food – it really rounds out the flavours and makes everything more palatable. Food chemistry in action!!!

i wandered lonely as a cloud

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

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in the run up to the presidential election

Spotted posters bearing the faces of Tony Tan and Tan Kin Lian tied to lampposts near Tiong Bahru Market, when I went there for lunch yesterday.

And today, when I was walking home from the MRT station, I spotted Tan Jee Say’s (and Tan Kin Lian’s) posters tied to lampposts nearby.

in the run up to the presidential election

When I exited the MRT station near my workplace just now, I bumped into a bunch of people in ‘I ♥ Dr Tan Cheng Bock’ white polo tees giving out flyers. One of them handed me one.

And so a fresh round of campaigning has begun!

in the run up to the presidential election

Whose voice is it anyway?

As the Presidential Elections Committee announces the candidates to whom it has issued Certificates of Eligibility, angry doc notes that he has in fact blogged about three out of the four: Mr Tan Kim Lian, Mr Tan Jee Say, and Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

Ironically, while they each claim to be the voice for Sinagporeans, they hold views that angry doc, also a Singaporean, disagrees with. How is that possible?

The truth is, Singaporeans hold a myriad of views over a multitude of subjects, and oftentimes while these views are in direct opposition to each other. In addition, while two Singaporeans may share the same view on one subject, they may disagree over another. There is no “one voice” for all Singaporeans, and anyone who claims that he can be that one voice for all Singaporeans is… well, angry doc disagrees with him.

It is easy to be populist and make the blanket statement that “I will represent you and fight for you”, and much more difficult to make a stand and say: “these things I believe in – vote for me if you believe the same”.

angry doc certainly won’t be voting for any Tan this election…

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‘There is no “one voice” for all Singaporeans’ – hear, hear!

you are looking into my brain

Apparently nobody else wanted them, so my dad inherited my late grandma’s vintage furniture.

And so I gained a new wardrobe.  Cleared my old one and passed it to my brother, whose stuff was previously in piles all over the place.  Put all my clothes and bags in my new old wardrobe, and voila!

My colour-coordinated wardrobe, 4 August 2011.

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in good taste

So after visiting the Dali exhibition, Ahgong and I went shopping at Marina Bay Sands! We checked out many of the designer stores. Then Ahgong declared that he wanted to get a watch, so we went into Watch Station International to take a look.

Once inside, Ahgong immediately made a beeline for the Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ) cabinet. Earlier, he had told me that he really liked Marc Jacobs’ designs, and I was !!!!!! because straight guys usually know nothing of designers plus Marc Jacobs isn’t exactly the most prolific one around.

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