melting clocks

I don’t think anyone knows this, but my favourite artists are Claude Monet and Salvatore Dali.

While I was out for dinner with Ahgong and Kang Hao recently, I mentioned that I wanted to go for this Dali exhibition. They looked at me quizzically so I announced my favourite artists as an explanation. Ahgong looked pretty surprised, which I assume is because Dali and Monet were really 两个风格迥然不同的艺术家 (two artists with vastly different styles)!Which goes to show that I am really an eclectic person. :)

Anyway it turned out that Ahgong had missed going to a Dali exhibition while in Spain last year, so he agreed to go with me.

So on Friday, I took the afternoon off, and we went to see the Dali: Mind of a Genius exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. They’d decorated the ticketing lobby with lots of paper lobsters.  How can you not love an artist who kept lobsters in his swimming pool? Seriously!

I am more familiar with Dali’s paintings and sculptures, and didn’t realize he was really a jack of all trades. He also designed tons of stuff like furniture and jewellery too.

Woman of Time.

Premonition of Drawers.

Some small paintings.

Adam & Eve.

Lady Godiva with Butterflies.

Alice in Wonderland.

And one of Dali’s most iconic melting clock sculptures.

While we were there, we saw some people armed with gigantic DSLRs who snapped every single thing from every single angle imaginable. Then after we’d left the gallery, and taken the lift down to the ground floor, I spotted a small sign which said that photography is forbidden in all of the galleries! Oops. Haha.


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