in good taste

So after visiting the Dali exhibition, Ahgong and I went shopping at Marina Bay Sands! We checked out many of the designer stores. Then Ahgong declared that he wanted to get a watch, so we went into Watch Station International to take a look.

Once inside, Ahgong immediately made a beeline for the Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ) cabinet. Earlier, he had told me that he really liked Marc Jacobs’ designs, and I was !!!!!! because straight guys usually know nothing of designers plus Marc Jacobs isn’t exactly the most prolific one around.

So Ahgong picked out a black MBMJ watch first. I looked at the other MBMJ watches and asked him to try another black one.

While he was trying these two watches on, I looked at the Armani Exchange (A|X)  cabinet, which was next to the MBMJ one, and thought that their watches looked pretty good as well. Tried to convince Ahgong to try A|X watches but he refused, stating that he only likes MBMJ designs and anyway A|X was beyond his budget. Nevertheless I was extremely persistent and  finally succeeded in making him try on this black A|X watch.

And the best thing was, after he’d tried the the three watches, he couldn’t make his mind up!

So we went to TCC for dinner. We sat at exactly the same table as N and I had sat at exactly a week ago.

Ahgong had baked penne. I have no idea what that black sauce on the side of the plate is. He said it was fruit (?) sauce.

I had the Ocean Symphony sandwich (the filling was fried fish fillet) which was decent enough but somewhat nondescript. I think the chicken club sandwich is a way better choice.

So after dinner we returned to the watch store and Ahgong took an absolutely long time retrying the three watches we’d picked out earlier.

Finally, he decided that the MBMJ watch he had picked ‘was not so nice after all’, and the face of the MBMJ one I had selected was too large for his wrist. And so, he ended up with the A|X one I had chosen!!! So much for insisting that only MBMJ was his thing! In any case, the A|X watch was actually cheaper than the MBMJ one he’d picked!

Never say never! For you never know!!!

And here is a photo of the A|X watch – evidence that I have good taste – isn’t it a beauty? It looks even better in real life!

10 Bayfront Ave
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956
+65 6688 7392


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